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By-Law #1 – Divisions

The 22nd Fleet shall operate with the following Divisions:

  1. A division operating in the Battlestar Galactica universe;
  2. A division operating in the Orville universe; and
  3. A division operating in the Star Trek universe.

By-Law #2 – Membership Duties


  1. Unless permitted by the Game Manager, all players have the responsibility to create original characters that are:
    1. Not established characters or relatives thereof in their own setting’s canon;
    2. Not in relation or familiar of other characters on the sim; and
    3. Not an already created character in any of the 22nd Fleet without the permission and consent of the character’s original creator.
  2. All players shall refrain from the unsolicited recruitment of and to any sim outside of the Fleet.
  3. All players who wish to resign must do so by informing the Game Manager of the sim(s) the player participates in. This resignation must be handled in a private forum between the player and the Game Manager.
  4. All players will try to resolve disputes with other players and the Game Manager in a respectful manner before proceeding to the Grievance process outlined in the Charter.

Game Managers

  1. Game Managers shall have the duty to determine the minimum post quantity and quality on their sims.
  2. Game Managers will be responsible to design, maintain, and operate the website for their sim.
  3. Game Managers shall not, throughout the course of their game, destroy or otherwise negatively affect any other sim, starship, base, or planet that is in play throughout the Fleet and/or a part of Division Canon.
  4. Game Managers shall have the sole responsibility to recruit members for their sim.
  5. Game Managers are free to resign their command to their Division Head, and then rescind that resignation within 48 hours without penalty.


  1. Officers shall be held accountable to the GM Council and the Membership by way of publicly posted Division reports. These shall be filed by the 10th day of the first month of each quarter.
  2. All reports shall contain records of new and departing Game Managers, an overview of the quarter happenings, and plans for the next quarter’s operations.


  1. The Chairperson shall be held accountable to the GM Council by providing a quarterly update by way of publicly posted report. This report shall be posted by the 10th day of the second month of each quarter.
  2. All reports shall contain a record of all decisions made by the GM Council, along with voting records; an overview of the quarter’s happenings, and plans for the next quarter’s operations.
  3. The Chairperson shall also maintain a public docket where all matters under the GM Council’s purview shall be listed.

By-Law #3 – Canon

Division Canon is defined as the overarching storyline for each individual Division, as well as the characters, species, environments, technology, etc. that are available in the various science fiction universes that divisions have been created for. All members and sims have the ability to contribute to Division Canon through the chain of command. Unless such contributions have been made, each sim exists within and defines its own canon.

Canon sources of information can be defined in one of three ways:

Alpha Canon

The 22nd Fleet is made up of a variety of simulations set in various time periods and genres. Canon sources of information that directly impact fleet stories and the overall direction of the fleet include:

  1. All Battlestar Galactica television shows and spin-off series;
  2. The Orville television show;
  3. All Star Trek television shows and motion pictures; and
  4. All Star Wars television shows and motion pictures.

Beta Canon

Books, computer games, magazines, online databases, websites, and other sources not mentioned are considered beta canon and should be used for reference only. Events and stories found in such places will not inform Division Canon without the express approval of the GM Council Members of that Division.

Division Canon

Division Canon is composed of Member Stories, Elements, and other submissions that have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate Officers and Council Members. Any and all such approved submissions will be made available through a central repository for Members to use on simulations within the appropriate Division.

The GM Council will consider proposals from Members of the Division to include planets, species, systems, and technology from any book, magazine or computer game.

By-Law #4 – Sim Activity Thresholds

Simulations in the 22nd Fleet shall be assigned one of three activity designations, which shall be utilized at the discretion of the appropriate Division Head. The Division Head can make exceptions to these statuses as needed to accommodate different sim writing styles.

Active Status

To be granted active status a sim/GM will:

  1. Publish at least 2 posts per month (at least 500 words each); and
  2. Have four active players; and
  3. Create and maintain a website; and
  4. Maintain the sims page on the fleet website; and
  5. Submit a quarterly report before the 5th of the first month of each quarter.

Provisional Status

To be granted provisional status a sim/GM will:

  1. Be newly established in the 22nd Fleet; or
  2. Produce less than 2 posts per month; or
  3. Have less than four active players; or
  4. Fail to maintain the sims page on the fleet website; and/or
  5. Fail to submit a quarterly report.

Inactive Status

To be granted inactive status a sim/GM will:

  1. Not publish any posts in a two month period; or
  2. Be in provisional status for two consecutive quarters; or
  3. Fail to submit a quarterly report for two consecutive quarters; and/or
  4. Fail to respond to communications from their Division Head within a seven-day period.

By-Law #5 – CO Removal and Sim Closure

Division Heads have the authority to remove a simulation game manager and/or close a simulation under the following set of conditions:

  1. A GM resigns;
  2. Fails to adhere to core values of the fleet as identified in the fleet’s Charter and By-Laws;
  3. A simulation is classed as inactive according to By-Law #4;
  4. A minimum one-month period has elapsed since inactive status was assigned;
  5. A Division Head has activated a seven day notice of closure; and
  6. The Division Head has granted an additional seven day period for the commanding officer to reach out and discuss the situation

By-Law #6 – Sim Ratings

  1. All 22nd Fleet simulations must have a rating image clearly displayed on their site’s main page.
  2. Ratings should be created at http://rpgrating.com/
  3. Game Managers in the 22nd Fleet are free to assign a rating of their choice, upto and including a 333 rating.

Any simulation with a 333 rating must:

  1. Not accept any player below the age of 18;
  2. Restrict all visible post content from public view

The 22nd Fleet does not endorse the use or discussion of graphic sexual or violent content. Due to the nature of the content, any simulation wishing to portray either shall be required to hold a 333 rating, have restricted from public access to anyone not a member of the simulation, and only people who have been verified to be aged 18 or older shall be permitted to join said simulations. Any simulation found to be in violation of these provisions, shall be subject to termination by the GM Council.

By-Law #7 – Command Requirements

A player seeking a command in the 22nd Fleet must:

  1. Have four months verifiable experience in the 22nd fleet or six months in another fleet; and
  2. Must be a Member in good standing.

Existing Game Managers who wish to start an additional simulation must:

  1. Have more than three consecutive months of active status with their other sim(s) in the 22nd Fleet;
  2. Must not have more than two simulations in a division.

By-Law #8 – Approval of New GM’s

The approval of all new Game Managers rests with the Division Head and their authorized deputies.

In order to obtain a command in the 22nd Fleet, prospective GMs must:

  1. Acknowledge and abide by the Fleet Charter and all Fleet By-Laws;
  2. Enforce the rules and regulations of the fleet; and
  3. Have verifiable sim experience;
  4. Submit a proposal to the relevant division;
  5. Build and maintain a website; and
  6. Agree to the Division Head contacting the crew to seek alternative command options in the event that the GM resigns or is removed from leadership.

By-Law #9 – Leaves of Absence

There are three statuses other than active that may be applied to players and leadership that are not currently performing their assigned game or fleet roles:


A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a brief leave from the fleet for a specified period of time, with a fixed return date.

An Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) is any leave over two weeks or a leave that does not have a specified end date due to extraordinary circumstances in the life of the player. Extraordinary circumstances could include personal illness, illness of a family member, natural disaster or military deployment.

  • Both LOAs and ELOAs must be agreed between the person taking the leave and, should they be a GM, their Division Head. Players should always talk to their GM.
  • Should a natural disaster strike an area of the planet known to be home to one or more of the fleet’s members, said members are automatically granted an ELOA in absentia until their status can be ascertained.


A player can be declared Absent Without Leave (AWOL) for absences without an approved LOA or ELOA, by not returning within the specified return date of an LOA, or if an ELOA has continued, without any contact from the player, for significantly longer than anticipated.

  • If any player is declared AWOL, and all attempts to contact then have been unsuccessful, after a reasonable amount of time, one week minimum, they may be removed from their positions and subsequent appropriate actions taken.
  • Any player who wishes to claim unfair removal from their position while on leave must provide, to their Division Head, the acknowledgment of their leave notification/request to show that the LOA request was received and that the date the player returned was on or prior to the agreed date. The complaint can then be processed through the Chain of Command as necessary.

Game Managers, Council Members, Division Heads and Fleet Chairperson

  • Game Managers taking leave must specify to the Division head an Acting Game Manager in their stead along with their contact information.
  • All Division Heads have the right to take leaves of absences for up to 14 days.
  • Any period greater than 14 days (ELOA) requires notice to be given to the Fleet Chair in advance.
  • If possible, GM and Officer LOAs should be posted in the LOA channel on the Fleet Discord server.
  • Should a Division Head take a leave of absence, their authorized deputy shall take over as acting Division Head, having all charges and responsibilities, save for accepting new simulations into the Division.
  • Should the Fleet Chairperson be required to take an LOA/ELOA, their duties would fall to the Vice Chair until their return.

By-Law #10 – Privacy

  1. The 22nd Fleet shall maintain a privacy policy in open record in order to maintain compliance with the applicable laws instituted by the nations of the Earth.
  2. All sims on the 22nd Fleet roster shall be required to post and maintain a privacy policy in open record in order to maintain compliance with the applicable laws instituted by the nations of the Earth.
    1. All sims shall have two weeks to become compliant following the activation of their website(s).
    2. Should a sim not become compliant within the first two weeks, the Division Head will issue a warning (first strike) via an official email.
    3. Should a sim still not become compliant two weeks after the Division Head issues the first strike, the Division Head shall issue a second strike via an official email.
    4. Should the sim still not become compliant for two weeks following the second strike, the third strike shall be issued and the sim immediately removed from the fleet. If this sim is the GM’s only sim in the fleet, then the GM will forfeit their seat on the Council as well.

By-Law #11 – Docket and Procedures

  1. A docket shall be maintained by the GM Council on the Fleet Discord Server of all active proposals in their “Official Discussion Periods” as well as voting phase.  This list shall serve as a quick reference for all GM Council members.
  2. The docket will include the earliest date/time that a 48 hour discussion period may end and the date/time a vote will conclude.
  3. The Vice-Chairperson or another designee by the Chairperson shall be responsible for managing the docket and assuring that all voting rules are followed in accordance with the Fleet Charter and Bylaws.

By-Law #12 – Supplemental Offices and Officers

  1. Pursuant to the Charter, the GM Council has authorized the following officers:
    1. The Public Relations Officer who will be responsible for driving the content on our Social Media Sites, Recruitment Operations, Member Retention, and assisting in the management of our community.
    2. The Public Relations Officer does not need to be a Game Master, however, a member may only be nominated if they meet ONE of the following requirements:
      1. Serve as a Game Master within the fleet. OR
      2. Be a current active participant in the Public Relations Committee. OR
      3. Proof of management of an organizational social media platform, the recommendation of at least two GMs, and request to submit a basic outline of a public relations plan. OR
      4. Proof of real-life education, experience, or employment in the Public Relations industry.

By-Law #13 – Nomination and Election of Officers

  1. Scheduling
    1. Annual elections for Officers will begin with the nomination period beginning on 1 NOVEMBER and continuing until 30 NOVEMBER.
    2. The voting period for the annual officer elections shall take place 1 DECEMBER to 7 DECEMBER.
    3. Elections for positions that become vacant shall be scheduled by the Chairman or designee so the needs of the fleet may be met.
  2. Nominations
    1. Any Game Master or member meeting the requirements for an officer position may be nominated by a member of the GM Council.
    2. Nominations must be accepted by the member nominated prior to the start of voting or will not be placed on the ballot.
    3. Members may accept nomination for as many positions that they are nominated for.
  3. Voting
    1. If there is only a single member nominated for a position the nomination shall be considered unanimous and a single ballot shall be cast by the Vice Chairman for that member.
    2. If there are multiple members nominated for a position then Rank Choice Voting (RCV) shall be used.
      1. Voters rank the candidates for a given office by preference on their ballots.
      2. If a candidate wins an outright majority of first-preference votes (i.e., 50 percent plus one), he or she will be declared the winner.
      3. If, on the other hand, no candidates win an outright majority of first-preference votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated.
      4. All first-preference votes for the failed candidate are eliminated, lifting the second-preference choices indicated on those ballots.
      5. A new tally is conducted to determine whether any candidate has won an outright majority of the adjusted voters.
      6. The process is repeated until a candidate wins a majority of votes cast.
        The following link shall be used as official reference: https://ballotpedia.org/Ranked-choice_voting_%28RCV%29