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  • 22nd Fleet Quarter 4 Report

    Chairperson Sjet sits down to waffle on and hand out prizes to all the good GM’s and player’s who made it through the Hunger Games of 2020.

  • Khitomer is Coming!

    REMINDER! The Third Annual Khitomer Conference is coming up soon, Saturday, February 20, 2021 beginning at 10:30am EST. Mark your calendars now to join us for a fun day of engaging panels, community building, workshops, and so much more!  Everyone is welcome to come, regardless of genre associaRead More »Khitomer is Coming!

  • 22nd Fleet Election Results 2021

      To our soon to be departing Officer Cadre of the latter half of 2020, I bid you all farewell and my heartfelt thanks for making my short tenure as Chairperson easier than I expected. You shall soon depart your offices and rejoin the Game Manager’s who are the real power in the 22nd Fleet so..Read More »22nd Fleet Election Results 2021

  • 22nd Fleet 3Q Player Awards

    Greetings Gentelbeings!!! With the pandemic and real-life in the way, the Awards Committee wishes to apologize for our belated announcement regarding some of the 22nd Fleet’s 3rd Quarter Player Award nominations. Rest assured, the committee has remedied the problem and nominations are now open. WhatRead More »22nd Fleet 3Q Player Awards

  • Vote For The Post Of The Month’s (Sept-Oct)

    17 entries, and two will win for this special ‘Sjet Opened The Minibar And Forgot The Last Post Of The Month’. This vote will run until the 6th of December 2020. https://poll.fm/10663555 Now…where did the other Officers hide the key to the now locked minibar?

  • Your New Chairperson

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that Sjet will be taking the reigns of chairperson of the 22nd Fleet. They have huge shoes to fill after the amazing job, our founder, Greenfelt did in the position. I wish you and the officers luck moving forward with leading our fleet in continued growth andRead More »Your New Chairperson

  • Fleet Founder Bylaw

    With the resignation of our inaugural chairperson who also was the person who provides hosting, webmaster services, and the like to the fleet it brought up the need for the council to address these matters. As such the following by-law has been added regarding the founding of the fleet and our contiRead More »Fleet Founder Bylaw

  • Winds of Change

    Happy Friday everyone. I hope you are all finding August to be an enjoyable month, and a respite from all of the craziness in the world today.  Many of you know that I took an LOA at the start of August. It’s not every day a fantastic opportunity for career development falls in your lap. I embrRead More »Winds of Change

  • Sci-Fi Avatars Admiral Award

    With commendation for our Fleet’s charter, character, and enthusiasm of our membership Sci-Fi Avatars has awarded us their highest honor, the Admiral Award, for August 2020. I graciously accept this award on behalf of the entire fleet and want to thank both Sci-Fi Avatars for the recognition of ourRead More »Sci-Fi Avatars Admiral Award