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  • Winds of Change

    Happy Friday everyone. I hope you are all finding August to be an enjoyable month, and a respite from all of the craziness in the world today.  Many of you know that I took an LOA at the start of August. It’s not every day a fantastic opportunity for career development falls in your lap. I embrRead More »Winds of Change

  • Sci-Fi Avatars Admiral Award

    With commendation for our Fleet’s charter, character, and enthusiasm of our membership Sci-Fi Avatars has awarded us their highest honor, the Admiral Award, for August 2020. I graciously accept this award on behalf of the entire fleet and want to thank both Sci-Fi Avatars for the recognition of ourRead More »Sci-Fi Avatars Admiral Award

  • Operational Evolution

    Greetings, my fellow fleeters of the 22! Today I come to you in my evolved form of Operations Officer for the 22nd Fleet with a message of explaining exactly what that means. You see, the 22nd Fleet was founded primarily by Star Trek sims, but very soon other divisions sprung up as well — Orville,Read More »Operational Evolution

  • Award Nomination Time!

    It’s July! I think we all need some sort of achievement award for surviving the first half of 2020… Speaking of awards, it’s the start of a month, and the end of a quarter. That can only mean two things… it’s Award Nominating Time! Post of the Month Each month, we accept nominations for Post ofRead More »Award Nomination Time!

  • Structure Modifications – Round 1

    When the 22nd Fleet was first founded, it was expected that the fleet would remain under 15 sims for a prolonged period of time and would allow the group to grow slowly and naturally. Unexpected events in the larger simming community caused us to abandon that plan, and that has led to unprecedentedRead More »Structure Modifications – Round 1

  • Grievance Policy Working Group

    In discussions with officers and members of the Fleet, the topic of our grievance policy has come up several times. The policy we currently have, drafted when the fleet was in its infancy, may no longer reflect who we are as an organization, and what our players need from us as GMs and the Council.Read More »Grievance Policy Working Group

  • Transparency

    In order to keep our members more informed of the activity of our Game Master Council and our Officers, we’ve made some new items of information public. We have made on our Discord server a channel called #gm-docket which is a quick record of every active discussion and vote that is happening in theRead More »Transparency

  • Nomination time!

    It’s that time again folks! Take a few moments to go ahead and nominate your favorite post(s) of May 2020 to be given the honor of being the 22nd Fleet Post of the Month. Every member of the fleet is capable of submitting a post for recognition. You do not need to be a member of the sim and you mayRead More »Nomination time!

  • North Carolina’s getting a bit spookier

    Uncle… Melvin Wants You!!! Do you have a lousy job with lousy pay? Want a career change? North Carolina Ghostbusters can’t promise the experience will be great, but they can supply you with a great paycheck. Anyone from any place is welcome. Sign-up today and they’ll even give you a slime-proof suitRead More »North Carolina’s getting a bit spookier