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  • Join Us For Fall Fest!

    For the last eight years, Fall Fest has served as a fantastic online convention, allowing role-players of all genders, genres, sizes, styles and more to come together for hours at a time to discuss changing trends, compare notes, get feedback, and even learn a thing or two. We are excited to announcRead More »Join Us For Fall Fest!

  • Celebrating Writing

    Hello friends! As some of you are aware, we have established an Awards Committee who are exploring different ways of offering awards to recognize those within our community. Our Officers are presently conferring on some awards for the last quarter, and we will be happy to announce those soon. SomethRead More »Celebrating Writing

  • Missive from Messier 4

    It is the fate of every explorer, upon landing on the shore of a new world, to look beyond it to the next one. For hundreds of years Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets have been exploring, discovering, and celebrating the diverse cultures and civilisations that exist within our own MilkyRead More »Missive from Messier 4

  • Last time In the Star Trek Division…

    Well, an exciting first quarter for the 22nd Fleet has come and gone and, in that time, the Trek Division had so much to celebrate and be thankful for. Here is my first Quarterly Report for the Division (apologies for the late arrival of this report, life sucks sometimes). Division Growth In our firRead More »Last time In the Star Trek Division…

  • An Appointment And Some Housekeeping

    Following some unprecedented growth, the 22nd Fleet’s GM Council has had much to discuss over the last several weeks. Some of those conversations are still continuing, but we have a few things to announce today: In order to keep business matters moving, the Council has decided to reduce the quorum rRead More »An Appointment And Some Housekeeping

  • New Arrivals

    Another week has passed here at the 22nd Fleet, and it has brought with it not one, but FIVE new sims for our fledging organization. In our Misc Division, we welcome: SSV Amatersau, a sim operating in the Mass Effect Universe.Star Wars: Anura, a sim set one year after the Battle of Yavin. In our StaRead More »New Arrivals

  • What A Week!

    Much has happened this week throughout the sim community. Regardless of those events, we at the 22nd want to plainly state that we do not tolerate harassment of any kind regardless of race, gender, age, beliefs and more, especially when it comes to the opinions and actions of others. What has occurrRead More »What A Week!

  • Leadership Additions

    The GM Council is pleased to announce the following appointments: Vice Chairperson: Stephen, GM of the Brunswisk PD and the USS PolarisBattlestar Division Head: Sean, GM of Battlestar Artemis Please join us in welcoming our newest officers! We are all already hard at work continuing the lay the founRead More »Leadership Additions

  • 22nd Fleet is now open!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the 22nd Fleet, your online role-playing and writing haven. We do ask everyone to forgive the dust as we finish our website and get started. Our Charter and By-Laws were approved by our startup committee on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Upon completion of both documents, weRead More »22nd Fleet is now open!