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  • August 2020 Post of the Month Winners!

    8 fantastic posts this month, and here are our winners! Taking the Bronze award this month is: Kindra Graham (Sprite) and Jonas Barstow (Walsh) of Geronimo for “An Uncomplicated Move”! Taking the Silver this month is: Kos, Kaichi, Wizardbeard, and Shepard of USS Taniwha for “All The Rotten Luck”! FiRead More »August 2020 Post of the Month Winners!

  • Vote for the September Post of the Month

    We have some excellent posts nominated this month, so choose your favorite to win our coveted Gold Post of the Month award! Create your own user feedback survey This vote will end at 11:59PM EST on Wednesday, September 9th.

  • Nominate Your Post for Post of The Month!

    Nominations are now open for the illustrious post of the month awards! Choose your favorite post from August 2020, and submit it for consideration. One note from last month: if you feel so inclined, please include player names alongside character names, so that the writers can be recognized! NominatRead More »Nominate Your Post for Post of The Month!

  • July 2020 Posts of the Month!

    We had 8 excellent posts nominated this month. Here are the winners: For Bronze this month, we had a tie! Congratulations to:Alden Loxley & Alison Bliss & James Thomson & Noah-Jade True & Daiyu of Fortune’s Echo for “Shots Fired”Zuzutoo & Chistery of Greenleaf Skyplex for “LionsRead More »July 2020 Posts of the Month!

  • Vote for Your Favorite July 2020 Post!

    Time to share with your fellow writers, pets, and just about anyone who will listen. Please just make sure you hit the submit button, so your vote is counted! Create your own user feedback survey This vote will end at 11:59PM EST on Saturday, August 8th.

  • Sci-Fi Avatars Admiral Award

    With commendation for our Fleet’s charter, character, and enthusiasm of our membership Sci-Fi Avatars has awarded us their highest honor, the Admiral Award, for August 2020. I graciously accept this award on behalf of the entire fleet and want to thank both Sci-Fi Avatars for the recognition of ourRead More »Sci-Fi Avatars Admiral Award

  • Time to open the floor

    The moment you’ve been waiting for all month has arrived! As is custom, it’s time to nominate your favorite post(s) from July 2020 for the prestigious Post of the Month award. Every member of our community is eligible to nominate a post for fleet-wide recognition. You do not need to be a member of tRead More »Time to open the floor

  • 2nd Quarter 2020 Awards!

    We made it! Well, we’ve made it halfway thus far. 2020 has been… well, it’s been trying to outdo the last decade, and so far it’s succeeding. Yet, in the midst of a turbulent time, we have a few bright lights to celebrate. It is now time to announce the winners of our 2nd Quarter Awards. Fleet-WidRead More »2nd Quarter 2020 Awards!

  • June 2020 Posts of the month!

    Before I announce the winners, I first want to remind everyone that time is running out to nominate your fellow players for several of 22’s prestigious awards! Those nominations can be done via this online form here: https://forms.gle/yV1AGrRyBzJJD5qZ9 And now… the winners… Our Bronze Award goesRead More »June 2020 Posts of the month!