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  • One Of Our Own

     It is with a heavy heart that I bring this news to you all.  We have recently learned that Marowulf was in an automobile accident, and due to the nature of her injuries, has been declared clinically braindead. The thoughts and prayers of the Officer’s of the 22nd Fleet go out to MarowulfsRead More »One Of Our Own

  • Operational Evolution

    Greetings, my fellow fleeters of the 22! Today I come to you in my evolved form of Operations Officer for the 22nd Fleet with a message of explaining exactly what that means. You see, the 22nd Fleet was founded primarily by Star Trek sims, but very soon other divisions sprung up as well — Orville,Read More »Operational Evolution

  • When The Best Won’t Do… SUCKIT!

    The Kaylon War was costly. Lives were lost, nerves were frayed, and utopia was jeopardized. The Planetary Union vowed… never again! The newly formed Special Union Counter Kaylon Interdiction Team (SUCKIT) is an Earth-based unit of Union Central dedicated to the law enforcement, transport, and suppRead More »When The Best Won’t Do… SUCKIT!

  • What A Week!

    Much has happened this week throughout the sim community. Regardless of those events, we at the 22nd want to plainly state that we do not tolerate harassment of any kind regardless of race, gender, age, beliefs and more, especially when it comes to the opinions and actions of others. What has occurrRead More »What A Week!

  • Three New Arrivals

    Joining the 22nd Fleet today are three new sims! The first, the USS Eugene, joins our Orville Division and is led by Warr. A former training ship, restored to active service following the Battle of Earth, the Eugene is meant to be able to be a war ship but also function in deep space – unlike its coRead More »Three New Arrivals