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  • Trek Report Quarter 2: Into Craziness

    The Star Trek Division of the 22nd Fleet is the foundation that so much of what we do here is built. We have great writers, and great GM’s, and this is a chance for me to put you all on display.   Now, saying that I planned to copy and paste your summaries into here but then I looked at thRead More »Trek Report Quarter 2: Into Craziness

  • Peace Returns to the Galaxy

    (Starbase 400 – Stardate 74543.6). It’s over! Peace has come to a war weary galaxy. After a fierce final series of battles between Federation Alliance forces and the Typhon Pact, a cease fire was agreed to. This is Joseph Cronkite reporting for the Federation News Service. The Federation Alliance weRead More »Peace Returns to the Galaxy

  • It’s time to go home

    (Starbase 23-Stardate 73951.6) “It’s time to go home.” With that short but powerful sentence, the fate of the Federation Alliance hinges on the coming battle. This is Joseph Cronkite reporting for the Federation News Service at Starbase 23 where a powerful force of Federation, Klingon, Romulan RepubRead More »It’s time to go home

  • What Happens in the Delta Quadrant…

    Big open space to explore.  New places that no one else has seen.  New species to study.  Well, that’s what they tell you when you’re assigned there.  But there are things that no one says. What could go wrong. Yes, that is exactly what happened to the crew of the USS Medea, or rRead More »What Happens in the Delta Quadrant…

  • Vidal Fleet Yards: Jurassic Park Style

    Our reporters were live on the scene today in what is being considered one of the strangest series of events in Federation history. What started out as a peaceful morning with the young students studying dinosaurs in the station holosuites turned into a very real, very dangerous situation at aroundRead More »Vidal Fleet Yards: Jurassic Park Style

  • Missive from Messier 4

    It is the fate of every explorer, upon landing on the shore of a new world, to look beyond it to the next one. For hundreds of years Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets have been exploring, discovering, and celebrating the diverse cultures and civilisations that exist within our own MilkyRead More »Missive from Messier 4

  • Last time In the Star Trek Division…

    Well, an exciting first quarter for the 22nd Fleet has come and gone and, in that time, the Trek Division had so much to celebrate and be thankful for. Here is my first Quarterly Report for the Division (apologies for the late arrival of this report, life sucks sometimes). Division Growth In our firRead More »Last time In the Star Trek Division…

  • Trek Division continues to Grow – Yes, Siriusly!

    That’s right folks, our fantastic Trek Division has today gained yet another fabulous sim group and with it, some new members to the 22nd fleet’s ever growing family! Transferring into the fleet is the USS Sirius, a long time play-by-email sim run by hiddenevil, aka Captain Jorin. The Captain descriRead More »Trek Division continues to Grow – Yes, Siriusly!

  • New Arrivals

    Another week has passed here at the 22nd Fleet, and it has brought with it not one, but FIVE new sims for our fledging organization. In our Misc Division, we welcome: SSV Amatersau, a sim operating in the Mass Effect Universe.Star Wars: Anura, a sim set one year after the Battle of Yavin. In our StaRead More »New Arrivals