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Miscellaneous Division

Thanks for seeking out the MISC Division – a place for those wonderful and imaginative GMs and sims who simply and confidently refuse to fit into a single category.

You’ve wandered into an awesome mix of unique concepts set in differing and varied worlds of science fiction, fantasy, modern world and well… anything else you can think up and write about. Challenge accepted? Bring your writing skills, your favourite keyboard and your imagination and join us. Be a player, help a GM to mould their universe, drag a favourite universe in here or step up and bring a new idea of your very own. Not sure? Just ask!

Here in MISC we embrace challenges, welcome new (and old!) folks and encourage differences and new ideas. Below is the list of our current brave souls and their projects.

If you don’t see what you’ve come here looking for, please speak up! There’s always a chance you can develop your own concept and breathe live into a new venture with some like-minded souls.

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