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GM: Shana Oban
Rating: 323
Genre/Era: Star Wars, Post Order 66
Year: 13 BBY
Gameplay Format: NOVA

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Six years after Order 66, the Galactic Empire rules most star systems with an iron fist. For the citizens, this is a time of fear and uncertainty. If the Empire’s planetary governors aren’t trying to strip-mine or over-farm the lands of their r…


GM: Satara’Jalran
Rating: 323
Genre/Era: Star Wars
Year: 19 BBY
Gameplay Format: NOVA

The year is 19BBY, the Empire rises, the fires of freedom and democracy are extinguished… except in the hearts of a brave few. Do you have what it takes to resist?


GM: Kor'de'leia
Rating: 222
Genre/Era: Star Wars
Year: 24 ABY
Gameplay Format: NOVA

Ever Dreamed of flying an X-Wing or B-Wing? Want to live out your dreams as an ace pilot, a devilish rogue, or an intelligence operative? Well, you've come to the right place!


GM: Captain Sol Harizzo
Rating: 212
Genre/Era: Post ROTJ
Year: ABY7
Gameplay Format: Nova

They maybe on the run from the remnants of the Empire and from the New Republic however that isn’t their main concern. As the Galaxy knows the only thing worse than having a Hutt as a friend is owing them money and this Hutt is getting impatient for repayment. Imagine having to deal with …