Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to the 22nd Fleet! Our roster contains several dozen unique text-based games (also called “sims” or “simulations”) on which a group of players collaborate to engaging stories set in our favorite universes and franchises. We’re excited that you want to help contribute to these stories. 

Please select one of the options below to get started.


On a basic level, the 22nd Fleet acts as a hub for various games to share ideas, collaborate, and recognize the unique writing and stories that we are creating on a daily basis. While we don’t host any games on our domain, we make it easy to help you find what you’re looking for. 

The 22nd Fleet is divided into Divisions, which sort our member games based on genre or franchise.

No one can take the sky from you here! Explore life as an outlaw, an honest trader, or even a member of the Alliance. But watch out for the Reavers. Rumor has it, they are merciless. 

Ever wanted to be a Jedi or an X-Wing pilot? Our Star Wars games are spread across the wider universe, ranging from the Old Republic to the Clone Wars to the Rebellion and beyond! May the Force be with you.

One of the longest, most detailed science fiction franchises in history, our Star Trek simulations follow the motto of the late, great Gene Roddenberry himself; they exist to boldly go where no one has gone before!

If you are looking for one off, specialized simulations that don’t yet fit into a division of their own, look no further. Want to fight crime? Wield swords? Learn to master your mutation? Missing Orville, or the Expanse?

Each of these games directly handles their own membership and application process. Once you find a game you like, feel free to access their website and begin the process, or join their discord server to learn more about the game directly from the players and game manager. 

Is the 22nd Fleet exclusive?

No, that’s not the case here. Many of our players write in games throughout the wider simming community. Therefore, as a player, we do not ask you to be exclusive to us. 

Having trouble picking a sim to join? 

Looking for a game that’s actively seeking players? Check out our games that are actively seeking certain positions or roles via our recruitment boards.


Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? Are you wanting to start a game of your own, or wanting to bring an existing game into this community?

We can help you do all of that! Starting or bringing a game into the 22nd Fleet is easy. All you have to do is fill out our handy application form, click the button below. 

If you’ve never run a game before, or it’s been a while since you have, we recommend linking up with our Mentorship program. Other organizations may require you to go through an Academy or vigorous training program, but not us. Instead, we’ll pair you with a Mentor or an Officer who can help you set up your game, or help work through some areas you may have trouble with. For more details, click the button below.


We certainly have a lot of options, and trying to pick a game can be a bit overwhelming. There are two easy ways for us to give you a helping hand.

First, join our Discord server. Our community is standing by to help you get the answers you’re looking for and will guide you to your next writing adventure.

Second, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will reach out to you shortly. The more information you provide just helps us assist you effectively.


    Beyond writing on our sims or leading your own, there’re a lot of other opportunities to engage with our community.

    To join the conversation, hop over to our chat and introduce yourself.

    To check out what’s currently going on with our Fleet story, skim through the latest articles of the Fleet News Service.

    Are you a whizz with graphics? Awesome at constructing and maintaining websites? Wicked with wiki? If you want to get involved with creating content for the Fleet, you can contact any of our leadership and they will be glad of your help.