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Join the 22nd!

As a writing haven for like minded individuals, the 22nd Fleet prides itself on having an eclectic mix of simulations that welcome players from all walks of life. Whether you have been writing for a decade or you logged on today and want to try something new, there is a good chance that the 22nd Fleet has a simulation that is right for you.

In this easy to follow guide, you can learn how to:

Join the fleet as a player

Joining the 22nd couldn’t be easier! We have a collection of simulations spread across four divisions that cover a multitude of genres. Every sim in the fleet is required to have a website of its own which helps it to develop its own story and writing family. The first step to becoming a player in the 22nd is to pick one of these great simulations.

To browse sims that are looking for specific roles, check out our recruitment ads.

Which division is for me?

That is an excellent question! Since the 22nd is open to a wide variety of games from any genre you can think of, it may seem a little daunting when it comes to picking one. To help, we have organised our simulations into genre specific divisions so you know exactly where to look to find the game of your dreams.

  • Orville – A lighter, more jovial side to science fiction, the sims of the Orville division cross mash up many of our most loved franchises into one epic storytelling universe.
  • Star Trek – One of the longest, most detailed science fiction franchises in history, our Star Trek simulations follow the motto of the late, great Gene Roddenberry himself; they exist to boldly go where no one has gone before!
  • Miscellaneous – If you are looking for one off, specialised simulations that don’t yet fit into a division of their own, look no further. Want to fight crime? Join the police. Think you’re a wizard like Harry? Hop on your broom and come on over.

But how do I pick a simulation?

There’s no easy answer to this. Every sim has its own unique take on things depending on the universe it creates and shares through its stories. Browse through the sims and see what angle interests you the most.

The division listing for each sim shares some significant details that should help you get started:

  • Game Manager introduces you to the person in command of the simulation and pin points you in their direction should you have any questions. Feel free to visit the fleet Discord server and approach them if you want to talk business.
  • Sim Year tells you the year that the simulation is set in and guides you, and others, in the right direction for character creation. So, your chosen game is set in 2389? I guess they weren’t born in 2019 then. Well, unless they are some sort of invincible creation. Hey! I’m sure we have a game for that…
  • Format tells you what platform a sim uses to tell its story. Some use email, chat rooms or forums to write collaborative, while others use web authoring platforms, including one platform specifically designed for simming known as Nova.
  • Rating gives you a general idea about the level of the subject matter explored in the sim’s story. All sims are required to have a three digit rating that indicates the level of language, sex and violence portrayed.

Once you’ve picked out a sim, go ahead and apply on their site! You’re free to apply to, and even be accepted on, more than one sim as here at the 22nd Fleet, we do not set limitations. All we advise is that you stick to a number that will allow you to stay an active participant on all games you choose to join.

Having trouble picking a sim to join? Check out our recruitment boards for sims that are actively seeking critical positions.

Become a Game Master (GM)

Sometimes in simming, players decide that they want to take things to the next level. They decide that instead of reacting to orders and playing along, they want to be the one in the big chair, dishing out orders and providing a welcoming place for players to share their creative talents.

To do that, head on over to the application page and apply to become a game master! You’ll need a fleshed out idea for your simulation, and you’ll probably be approached by the relevant Division Head to discuss your idea, but becoming a GM can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

If it is your first time running a sim of your own, don’t panic! The 22nd has a long list of veteran players and GM’s that will be more than ready to support you and, if you are lucky, they may even hop onto your game too!

Engage with the community

Beyond writing on our sims or leading your own, there’re a lot of other opportunities to engage with our community.

  • To join the conversation, hop over to our chat and introduce yourself.
  • To check out what’s currently going on with our Fleet story, skim through the latest articles of the Fleet News Service.
  • Are you a whizz with graphics? Awesome at constructing and maintaining websites? Wicked with wiki? If you want to get involved with creating content for the Fleet, you can contact any of our leadership and they will be glad of your help.