Per the Fleet Charter, the following Officers have been elected:

• Vice-ChairpersonStephenEMAILStephen#0373
Division Head, OrvilleWizardbeardEMAILwizardbeard#5710
• Asst. Division HeadTBA
Division Head, Star TrekJakeSjetEMAILJakeSjet#6517
• Asst. Division HeadConfusedfireConfusedfire#1018
• Asst. Division HeadWizardbeardwizardbeard#5710
Division Head, MiscTheeFlameheadEMAILTheeFlamehead#1175
• Asst. Division HeadTBA
Public Relations OfficerBlondieEMAILBlondie#4981
• Asst. Public Relations OfficerTBA

Council Members

Per the Fleet Charter, the following Game Managers represent the following Divisions on the GM Council:

AlexanderMisc, Star TrekMay 2019
A7iceMiscNovember 2019
AioStar TrekAugust 2019
ArriMiscMay 2019
CamilaStar TrekApril 2019*
ConfusedFireStar TrekMay 2019
TheeFlameheadMiscMay 2019
greenfeltMisc, Star TrekApril 2019*
hiddenevilStar TrekJune 2019
JackStar TrekJune 2019
Jonathan WilsonStar TrekMay 2019
KrisStar TrekOctober 2019
KosStar TrekJune 2019
MarowolfOrvilleApril 2019*
McCullenStar TrekMay 2019
SjetStar TrekMay 2019
StephenOrville, MiscApril 2019*
Taron Loq-VarrMiscOctober 2019
TeixStar TrekApril 2019*
WizardbeardOrville, Star TrekMay 2019
ZuzutooMiscNovember 2019

*Denotes a founding Game Master of the 22nd Fleet