Per the Fleet Charter, the following Officers have been elected:

• Vice-ChairpersonStephenEMAIL
Division Head, Battlestar GalaticaSeanEMAIL
• Asst. Division HeadAlexander
Division Head, OrvilleMarowolfEMAIL
• Asst. Division Head
Division Head, Star TrekKai1701EEMAIL
• Asst. Division HeadWizardbeard
Division Head, MiscEMAIL
• Asst. Division Head

Council Members

Per the Fleet Charter, the following Game Managers represent the following Divisions on the GM Council:

AlexanderBattlestar, Star TrekMay 2019
ArriMiscMay 2019
BobbyStar TrekMay 2019
CamilaStar TrekApril 2019*
ChrisStar TrekMay 2019
CmdrLancStar TrekJune 2019
ConfusedFireStar TrekMay 2019
TheeFlameheadMiscMay 2019
greenfelt22Misc, Star TrekApril 2019*
JackStar TrekJune 2019
JoeyStar TrekApril 2019*
Jonathan WilsonStar TrekMay 2019
Kai1701EBattlestar, Star TrekApril 2019*
KaichiMiscJune 2019
KaloStar TrekMay 2019
KosStar TrekJune 2019
OrvilleApril 2019*
McCullenStar TrekMay 2019
RichMiscMay 2019
SeanBattlestar, Orville, Star TrekMay 2019
SjetStar TrekMay 2019
StephenStar Trek, MiscApril 2019*
TeixStar TrekApril 2019*
WarrOrvilleMay 2019
WizardbeardStar TrekMay 2019

*Denotes a founding Game Master of the 22nd Fleet