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Per the Fleet Charter, the following Officers have been elected:

ChairpersonTo Be DeterminedEMAIL
Vice ChairTo Be DeterminedEMAIL
Division Head, Star TrekTo Be DeterminedEMAIL
• Assistant Division Head
Fleet Development OfficerSpriteEMAILSprite#4746
• Assistant FDO
Operations OfficerAlphaJulietEMAILAlphaJuliet#4598

GM Council Members

Per the Fleet Charter, the following Game Managers represent the following Divisions on the GM Council:

aioStar TrekAugust 2019
AlphaJulietFirefly, OrvilleFebruary 2020
ConfusedFireStar TrekAuguest 2021
CosmoStar TrekJune 2021
DarkLordJDStar TrekMay 2020
TheDoctorStar TrekFebruary 2020
greenfeltStar TrekApril 2019*
KaiStar WarsMay 2021*
KaichiStar Wars, Star TrekJune 2020
KrisStar TrekOctober 2019
MBremerStar TrekMay 2020
orionSquaredStar TrekMay 2020
ray gougeStar TrekJune 2021
R_KetlanStar TrekJune 2019
SpriteMiscSeptember 2020
TaraStar TrekFebruary 2021
TaralStar TrekMay 2021
TeixStar TrekApril 2019*
WizardbeardStar Trek, MiscMay 2019
ZuzutooFirefly, Star WarsNovember 2019
*denotes a founding Game Manager of the 22nd Fleet