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Per the Fleet Charter, the following Officers have been elected:

Chairperson JakeSjet EMAIL JakeSjet#6517
• Vice-Chairperson orionSquared EMAIL orionSquared#1760
Division Head, Star Trek Kos/Shalira EMAIL Kos#7190
• Asst. Division Head Wizardbeard   wizardbeard#5710
• Asst. Division Head James   James#3883
• Asst. Division Head aio   aio#8797
Fleet Development Officer TheeFlamehead EMAIL TheeFlamehead#1175
• Asst. Development Officer      
Operations Officer Wizardbeard EMAIL wizardbeard#5710
• Deputy Operations Officer AlphaJuliet   AlphaJuliet#4598

Council Members

Per the Fleet Charter, the following Game Managers represent the following Divisions on the GM Council:

A7ice Misc November 2019
Aio Star Trek August 2019
AlphaJuliet Firefly, Orville February 2020
Anth Star Trek June 2020
Billy Star Trek June 2020
Camila Star Trek April 2019*
DarkLord Star Trek May 2020
TheDoctor Star Trek February 2020
Farsun Star Wars June 2020
TheeFlamehead Firefly May 2019
greenfelt Star Trek April 2019*
hiddenevil Star Trek June 2019
Jack Star Trek June 2019
James Star Trek December 2019
Kaichi Star Wars June 2020
Kasterborous Star Trek February 2020
Kris Star Trek October 2019
Kos Star Trek June 2019
Larkin Misc, Star Wars May 2020
MBremer Star Trek May 2020
OldManTaylor Star Wars July 2020
orionSquared Star Trek May 2020
RaWolfe Misc July 2020
Scopey Star Trek June 2020
Sjet Misc, Star Trek May 2019
Stephen Star Trek April 2019*
Teix Star Trek April 2019*
Vass Star Trek June 2020
Wizardbeard Orville, Star Trek May 2019
Zuzutoo Firefly, Star Wars November 2019

*Denotes a founding Game Master of the 22nd Fleet