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  • Quarterly Report – 2019 Q2

    **NOTE: This is not a full quarter report as the fleet did not exist for the first quarter.** OVERVIEW • DOCKET • VOTING RECORDS • NEXT QUARTER OVERVIEW To say that the 22nd Fleet’s inaugural quarter has been eventful is a tremendous understatement. I first want to thank our founding members, includRead More »Quarterly Report – 2019 Q2

  • Missive from Messier 4

    It is the fate of every explorer, upon landing on the shore of a new world, to look beyond it to the next one. For hundreds of years Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets have been exploring, discovering, and celebrating the diverse cultures and civilisations that exist within our own MilkyRead More »Missive from Messier 4

  • Last time In the Star Trek Division…

    Well, an exciting first quarter for the 22nd Fleet has come and gone and, in that time, the Trek Division had so much to celebrate and be thankful for. Here is my first Quarterly Report for the Division (apologies for the late arrival of this report, life sucks sometimes). Division Growth In our firRead More »Last time In the Star Trek Division…

  • 22nd Fleet Friday Night Bash

    It is my pleasure to officially announce the first ever 22nd Fleet Friday Night Bash taking place on Friday August 9th! This event will include Science Fiction Trivia in which the winner will be granted the opportunity to rename our chairperson Greenfelt to something else in our discord server for tRead More »22nd Fleet Friday Night Bash

  • Change In Command

    Several days ago, we were saddened to receive Sean’s resignation as both the Head of the Battlestar Division and as the GM of Battlestar Artemis. Sean also resigned as the head of the USS Portland in the Orville Division. We wish him the best in his current and future endeavors. To keep the PortlandRead More »Change In Command

  • Once again, the Star Trek Division Grows

    It has been a while since I have sent out some news, but as always, today brings great news for our Trek division as I announce not one, not two, but three new sims in the fleet. To begin, please welcome a new GM to the fleet; Shayne (playing Captain Yona Carlin) and the crew of Deep Space 12. The sRead More »Once again, the Star Trek Division Grows

  • Misc Division Head

    Please welcome TheeFlamehead Game Master of the Geronimo into the role of Division Head of our Miscellaneous Division. Since becoming a GM in the Division he has constantly shown interest in the growth and development of the most unique division in the fleet. He has been outspoken on fleet issues anRead More »Misc Division Head

  • Hello From Your Public Relations Officer

    Hello, First allow me to introduce myself, I am Confusedfire the new Public Relations Officer for the 22nd Fleet. I have been writing in some fashion for more than twenty years more than ten of which have been Star Trek related. My mission is simply to help this fleet, and primarily your simms, growRead More »Hello From Your Public Relations Officer

  • An Appointment And Some Housekeeping

    Following some unprecedented growth, the 22nd Fleet’s GM Council has had much to discuss over the last several weeks. Some of those conversations are still continuing, but we have a few things to announce today: In order to keep business matters moving, the Council has decided to reduce the quorum rRead More »An Appointment And Some Housekeeping