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  • Three New Arrivals

    Joining the 22nd Fleet today are three new sims! The first, the USS Eugene, joins our Orville Division and is led by Warr. A former training ship, restored to active service following the Battle of Earth, the Eugene is meant to be able to be a war ship but also function in deep space – unlike its coRead More »Three New Arrivals

  • The Cylon War Rages On

    The Twelve Colonies, after a terrible war peace had finally been established and lasted for decades. Generations grew up in a world that had never known the horrors of mass destruction and unlimited warfare. Despite paradise seeming permanent, Fleet Command knew that there was always a chance that tRead More »The Cylon War Rages On

  • 22nd Fleet is now open!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the 22nd Fleet, your online role-playing and writing haven. We do ask everyone to forgive the dust as we finish our website and get started. Our Charter and By-Laws were approved by our startup committee on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Upon completion of both documents, weRead More »22nd Fleet is now open!