AlphaJuliet • Excellence in Role Play

May 3, 2020


AlphaJuliet is becoming rapidly known around the fleet for his fantastic writing in whichever genre or sim type he joins in on. I have been a member with him on multiple sims including multiple where I was GM/staff on and his characters are always first-rate well thought out and each individual character has it’s own distinct personality and mannerisms easy to imagine and see in your mind as you read his posts. Even while stating he’s new or uncomfortable in a genre or sim he easily stands out as one of the best writers of the group with fantastic new plot lines involving his individual character, some of the characters, as well as jumping straight into the mission. He has also stepped as a GM unexpectedly on a sim due to the COVID crisis and some other personal life items of the previous GM. AlphaJuliet is a fantastic example of a writer.


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