Greenfelt • Distinguished Service - Gold

May 3, 2020


From one of the nominations: “It should be clear that this award is not for the founding of the 22nd Fleet. Setting up a group, saying we’re going to do things better than the last bunch, and just generally keeping folks together is not that special. If someone in the Sierra Nevada’s can do it with some drafty shacks and questionable KoolAid, it’s not award worthy.

What is award worthy is the creation of a group founded on creativity and imagination. Task Force 72 was such a group back when that name had meaning, but at its core was someone willing to let idea’s breath and grow without overly managing them. And when a hand was needed, it was one of guidance to bring out the best possible outcome. Without it there are many stories here and beyond our group, for which the imagination would be their only place.

You brought a lot of stories into the world, but the 22nd Fleet is by far the best. “


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