Oma • Distinguished Service - Bronze

November 29, 2020


Oma is someone that, without prodding, stepped up to the plate to help create a tracking system for our OOC Accolade System – How our Force Users can bypass learning certain Force Powers ICly through participation and OOC behavior within the Sim’s community. When the Sim grew +100% in a 24-hour span, he also noticed some overlooked items/issues that were either not there, or written unclearly in our, “New Player,” pages. His cheat-sheet helped me easily go in and make the necessary edits, as well as address some potentially problematic issues – before it got to that point. Oma went far beyond what he was initially made an AGM to do – help control/run plots. He saw problems, wrote-up solutions, and suggested them. All of this was done out of a selflessness to help Revenge Of The Fallen be at it’s best. You can’t train some of the skills he has and I feel lucky to have him on the Sim because of them.


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