A Beacon of Hope – USS Lexington

Posted November 5, 2020 by greenfelt

23 years have passed since the Klingon Empire declared victory and claimed Earth as a prize. Exiled to the M-11 system, humanity has lost all hope and appears to be doomed to a nomadic lifestyle.

But in the darkness a beacon has emerged. The *USS Lexington*, one of 12 Constitution-class starships thought to have been lost during the war, has been found. Repairs have been affected, and now she stands as the flagship of a once-revered Federation.

The road to Earth will be long and arduous, and most likely doomed to fail. But if they succeed… then humanity might just have a chance to survive and reclaim their birthright.

Failure is not an option.


  • Chief Operations and Navigator
  • Junior Officers and Enlisted are welcome!
  • Got an idea? Contact the GM 

Traditional upbringings are not possible, and the Academy no longer exists. Normal rank advancements no longer exist, and will be determined by the Game Manager and Command Team based upon the bio that is presented. Individuals expecting high ranks with their positions need not apply.

Details & Contact Information

Name: USS Lexington
Genre: Star Trek
Website: https://lexington.anurasims.com

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