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A Dance of Raptors

A Dance of Raptors

Posted January 14, 2021 by JamesTrek

Leaked materials reveal continued scandal and woe for Starfleet’s Peregrine Commission program.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Ivette Moss reporting. This reporter has gained a source close to the Peregrine Commission debacle that has shed new light on the embarrassing failures and incompetency plaguing this albatross. As you, my fellow citizens, may well remember, this project has always been ill-advised: a joint project with the genocidal Cardassian Union, Xenophobic Romulan Empire, and warmongering Klingons. You may also remember its very first head was abducted by Ferengi terrorists with the help of a traitor. It has now come to light this information was not gained through a competent investigation, gentle reader, no, but through the happenstance of an engineer checking the sensor logs of a runabout on patrol at the time. Though, we suppose, this is not surprising seeing as the investigation officer is of the rich playboy class who knows more about intimate anatomy than he does of his craft.

As if this was not bad enough, this reporter’s source was also able to reveal that the USS Pioneer was dispatched on a mission to a Romulan colony at the behest of the Romulan Star Empire. Regular readers will need no reminding of the sordid history and rank treachery of our oldest enemy. Alas, dear reader, this too has ended in disaster. While Starfleet refuses to confirm at this time, this reporter has learned that the Pioneer was destroyed in orbit of the Romulan colony. Another Federation starship lost to the Romulans with hundreds of lives and this Commission and Admiral Picard insist we have a duty to assist them. How much more suffering must we endure before we say enough and leave the Romulans to their fate in the coming supernova?

Set at a crossroads in space and time, the Peregrine Commission has a front-row seat to changes befalling the galaxy. Set aboard Peregrine Station in orbit of the colony Caelia, and supported by the USS Mixcoatl, it was conceived as a beacon of hope and cooperation between the four great powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. But, the year is 2385 and history dashes this hope. The impending supernova of Romulus has but a massive strain on the Empire, while internal dissent looms large for the Federation. The hope for a lasting peace has disintegrated before it even started.

Star Trek: Peregrine is set in 2385 and focuses on how the galaxy changed into what we see in Star Trek: Picard. At any given time, we usually have more than one story ongoing, and we encourage players to have multiple characters to participate in the stories that interest them or bring their own to the table. Peregrine has missions and stories, but it is also a sandbox to explore the stories you want to tell in partnership with us.

Top Open Positions:

  • Chief of Operations (Peregrine Station)
  • Colony Administration Liason (Peregrine Station)
  • Flight Control (USS Mixcoatl)
  • Chief Engineering Officer (USS Mixcoatl/Peregrine Station)
  • Other Department Heads (Peregrine Station and USS Mixcoatly)

Other departments heads (Peregrine Station and USS Pioneer) …And numerous others. Given the scope of the story, and setting, the possibilities are numerous. We encourage everyone to speak to the GMs about their character concepts.

Details & Contact Information

Name: Star Trek: Peregrine
Genre: Star Trek
Website: http://peregrine.jay-ice.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/A2Cc7yY

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