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Brothers In Arms

The current sim year is 2391.

There were only a few more hours until the sun would be down, Nathaniel sat quietly in the shadows, just waiting. He could not make himself known in the sunlight, he had to keep a low profile. He knew from talking to several people that many were looking for him, but he wasn’t aware that his brother-in-law was part of that force. He knew that the Romulans were looking for him, that they wanted to speak to him. He had his contacts and needed just one more thing.

He was getting close to finding out the exact location…

A one-man vendetta to bring them to their knees and rescue his family. Many paths converging to one, each side on the trail, willing to stop at nothing to bring him down. To bring him to justice. To make him answer for his actions.

On the one side, the Free Romulan Movement, a splinter group of Romulans bent on ensuring that the new Romulan Empire is as it was, the good old days, unwilling to waiver on their hatred for the Federation, and the ultimate destruction of Federation forces. Willing to do whatever it takes to become the dominant force in the Beta Quadrant.

The Federation on the other side, wanting to keep the peace, and diplomacy at the forefront, ensuring the peace and safety of the quadrant, unnerved by reports of explosions on two planets in recent weeks, and the intelligence that one of their own, highly decorated (and now disgraced) officers is behind it all. To bring him to justice to answer for what he has done.

In the middle, not just a family; kidnapped and held for over two years, forced into hiding by the actions of one man, but a ship and a brother-in-law, to stand by his beliefs and the oath he took to serve and protect, but to also find and capture one of his own, a man who was meant to be part of the family, a blood brother almost.


The USS Excalibur, now in its third year, recently moved to the 22nd Fleet, and is part of the Star Trek Division, lead by Captain Anthony Richardson, is on the lookout for new players, no matter experience. As long as you join and come with the right attitude, to be active and post and be part of the team, we would love to have you on board. We have plenty of vacant positions including:-

  • Executive Officer
  • Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Engineering Officer
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Chief Counselor
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Many Assistant Chief positions
  • Countless enlisted and civilian positions as well…

All of our information is below, we’d love to welcome you onboard our simulation. Hope to hear from you soon

General Information:

Sim Name: USS Excalibur
Genre: Star Trek
Website: http://uss-excalibur.com
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/9Jdvm6V