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Darkness Looms, but the Bantha Will Shine

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Darkness Looms, but the Bantha Will Shine

Posted August 1, 2020 by Chris

The galaxy is in turmoil, still living the effects of the galactic civil war. Darkness looms everywhere and yet there are sparks yet in the Outer Rim. Unbeknownst to a group living on a place known as Rogue Moon, their rather simple station in life will soon shine brighter than the distant stars around them.

Things are just getting (re)started, so get in at the ground up. Come be a smuggler, soldier, noble, scoundrel – even first mate – and then become awesome. Yes, awesomeness is all but guaranteed! More importantly, come join in the fun and tell some good SW stories.



Details & Contact Information

Name: Star Wars: Rogue Moon
Genre: Rebellion Era, 2ABY
Website: https://swrm.split-world.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/mWCUVnm

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