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Memory Theta: Home To God Bombs, Murder McGuffins, And Domesticated Borg Drones

Memory Theta: Home To God Bombs, Murder McGuffins, And Domesticated Borg Drones

Posted November 10, 2020 by wizardbeard

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

~ H. P. Lovecraft

Starfleet Science has secrets. Starfleet Intelligence has skeletons. Starfleet Command has ambitions. Whenever the Federation acquires new and dangerous technology, whether through experimentation, discovery, or espionage, Memory Theta is there to safeguard it from the public at large as well as the philistine hands of rank and file Starfleet captains and their crew. And then perhaps tinker with it a bit.

Previously the Field Team saved Bynaus from a critical system failure perpetrated by a Ferengi kingpin and corrupt Starfleet personnel on his payroll. Then they faced an enemy unlike any other, a tidal force of synthesis known as the Clock Makers that sought to devour and restructure everything in their path. That ended with immolating the Clock Makers in the solar fire of a supernova intentionally ignited by Memory Theta’s field team (desperate times mean desperate measures, right?). Next Memory Theta was called in to the site of an attack by Species 8472 within Federation space. Their mission: confirm or deny rumors of Cardassian collusion in yet another potential move by the Union against the rest of the quadrant. Extradimensional bio-tech? That’s classified! But, yes, Species 8472 was the Cardassians’ bull in a china shop.

The current mission has brought Memory Theta’s field team to the brink. What began as a wild snipe hunt on Venus has turned into a cataclysmic surprise that threatens the stability of the Sol system and potentially the Federation itself. Spacedock One is down, the system is under quarantine, and Memory Theta’s field team is in the middle of a conflict between an ancient AI and a technopathic lifeform that is a billion years in the making.

Check out the website or the Discord channel to learn more or to submit a character idea. Our wiki also features an Archives section which offers some of the veiled horrors that Memory Theta holds at bay. Anyone interested in submitting an entry to our Archives should join the Discord channel or contact me directly. Any CO’s who feature an entry may have it link back to their sim for cross-promotion purposes.

Memory Theta is rated 16+ for 3-2-3 content and is not for underage, senile, or other easily impressionable people. If you don’t know why, then you soon will.

Details & Contact Information

Name: Memory Theta
Genre: Star Trek
Website: https://www.memorytheta.myrpg.space/
Discord: https://discord.gg/qWYZsUJ

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