Nogura – The Next Generation

  • Kai 

Almost two years to the day since the destruction of 39 starships at the Battle of Wolf 359 against a cybernetic species known as the Borg, Starfleet has almost recouped its losses thanks to a mammoth ship building programme. Most notably among those new vessels are six of the now famous Galaxy-class, the same class as the flagship of the fleet. After starting construction in the early part of the decade, the spaceframes for these three vessels were put in storage until required. Now nearing the end of their construction, one in particular is destined for a bright future. Designated as the USS Nogura, the third ship of the second Galaxy batch is nearing completion at Starbase 565 in the Trill sector.

With a new Captain assigned and a crew assembling for the first time, the Starship Nogura will soon pass her shakedown cruise and begin standard operations, but what awaits them out in the wilderness of space?

The Nogura is a reboot of the Sovereign-class USS Nogura which ran for several years from late 2014 until late 2019 and served in various organisations including, most notably, the 22nd Fleet. Set in 2368, during the latter seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Nogura reboot is, in essence, a glance into the past of the Nogura’s yet to come. As was established in 2014, the precursor to the then USS Nogura was a Galaxy-class that served the fleet into the mid 2370’s. The reboot of the Nogura will see our players portray the characters that paved the way for the future Nogura.

We have a vast array of positions available, including several department head roles (Medical, Tactical, Strategic Ops, Counsellor) and room for hundreds of civilians on our family friendly starship.

Join our 16+, 222 rated forum sim as we offer a chance to get back to some of the finest days in Starfleet’s history. Crazy Cardassians? Rampant Romulans? Knavish Klingons? Nothing to worry about for the Nogura!

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