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Not for the lightside. not for the darkside. For ourselves.

Not for the lightside. not for the darkside. For ourselves.

Posted August 15, 2020 by ITHedgeHog

“All hands evacuate, evacuate, evacuate” The alert rang out from the speakers across the base followed by three loud blasts of the klaxon before the message repeated itself. Sol drowned out the sound of his own voice and continued putting his meagre possessions away in the brown knapsack he carried with him. By the time he finished, a familiar face had appeared at his door, wordlessly she signed a single word at him, he nodded in response and she sped away. 

It was enough to spark a small laugh from Sol as he watched the closest person he had to an executive officer walk away, he was aware that the rank and file referred to her as The Protector after the number of times she had saved members of Grey Wing from certain death.

Be a bounty hunter

Taking one last look around the quarters that had been his home for the past year Sol signed, his momentary amusement with The Protector done with. They had come so very close to getting this place operational and now they were having to abandon it because of poor judgement. Poor judgement on his part about which contracts they should pursue, pusing the New Republic as hard as they had was lucrative in credits but without pressure from the Imperial Moff’s and Grand Admirals it made Grey Wing a rather compelling target.

Be a pilot

As the saying goes the bigger they are the harder they fall and Grey Wing has fallen, after rapidly expanding over the past year they have finally fallen foul of the many contracts they’ve taken on which means the group must almost start from scratch again. Join the denizens of Grey Wing they take all people, former Imperials, former Rebels and certainly people with a shady past.

We are currently looking for:

  • Pilots
  • Smugglers
  • Petty Criminals
  • And Bounty Hunters

Just remember the Grey Wing Motto and you’ll be okay. No Jedi, No Sith and No Disintigration Weapons.

Details & Contact Information

Name: Star Wars: Shades of Grey
Genre: After Return of the Jedi
Website: https://www.sw-shades-of-grey.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/rYuXncM

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