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Ourea Station Needs You!

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Ourea Station

In 2389 Admiral Paka Larem was placed in command of all Starfleet forces in the Delta Quadrant, recently made more accessible through a gateway.

The Vaadwaur had other ideas. In a single, multi-pronged attack, they used a resonance field to collapse the gateway, and attacked the Starfleet command station, forcing a retreat back to Ourea Station, in orbit of a fledgeling colony.

Not entirely cut off from Starfleet Command, their only way back and forth is using the Quantum Slipstream Drive, which is installed in only 4 of the ships in the Delta Quadrant, which is a 100+ day round trip.

How will they cope with the new situation? How will the Colony cope with no more heavy support from Starfleet? What exactly do the Vaadwaur want, and why didn’t they attack anything else?

Let’s find out.

The following positions are available:
Executive Officer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Junior and secondary positions

General Information:

Sim Name: Ourea Station
Genre: Star Trek
Website: https://ourea.aiorpg.com
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/HBdepwG