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Picture it, Space,2160

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Picture it, Space,2160

Posted August 16, 2020 by Stephen

Picture it, space, 2160. 

Space is different. Exploration, while still a primary objective, is not the sole focus of Starfleet. With Vulcan no longer a part of the partnership with Earth, the Federation was never formed. Instead United Earth was born and a new partnership was established with the Andorians and Vissians. 

The Antares, a newly minted prototype of the NX class, has been tasked with law enforcement, rescue, and rapid response to emergencies. Designed for the mission at hand, she has two more decks than her predecessors and a modular design allowing her to b e reconfigured based on the mission’s parameters.

The question becomes, will you heed the call of Starfleet and protect United Earth? Will you join your brothers and sisters in exploration?

Heed the call and join us as our Engineering Officer, Science Officer, or many other positions.

Details & Contact Information

Name: Antares NX-11
Genre: Star Trek
Website: https://antares.uestarfleet.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/nPa47dh

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