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Scoundrels, Cutthroats and Rogues

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Scoundrels, Cutthroats and Rogues

Posted August 7, 2020 by Zuzutoo

Rogue Wings
Rogue Wings

Bring the fight to the Empire. Join Rogue Wings, a starfighter sim based just prior to events in Rogue One and A New Hope. A band of misfit fighter pilots, criminals and rogues pull together to fight the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. These warriors are not the brightest and best. They are the ones willing to do things that more civil groups would disapprove of. Bad guys doing good in the name of Freedom.

Rouge Wings is a fighter pilot sim based in the Star Wars universe. Pilots are able to choose a ship of their liking and highly encouraged to bring their own Astromech droids. At the begining of the sim ships will be restricted to older models such as y-wings, z-95s and X-wings. As the story progresses, new ships we be made available. Operating from planetary bases as well as carrier capital ships, players participate in missions to aid the Rebellion in its ongoing conflict against the Galactic Empire. Events in this sim take place six years before the happenings in A New Hope.

Each player character will be a flight leader, with three NPC wingmen that they control that can be used as canon fodder as combat ensues.

Details & Contact Information

Name: Rogue Wings
Genre: Star Wars 24 ABY
Website: https://rwings.split-world.com/index.php/main/index
Discord: https://discord.gg/9AdJnDj

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