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Scoundrels, Cutthroats and Rogues

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Scoundrels, Cutthroats and Rogues

Posted August 7, 2020 by Zuzutoo

Rogue Wings
Rogue Wings

After a First Order surprise attack most of the squadron were killed before even launching their fighters. A devastating blow to the Resistance, the few survivors of the squadron work with limited funds and political backing to rebuild a fighting force to stop the First Order and avenge their fallen comrades.

Rouge Wings is a fighter pilot sim based in the Star Wars universe. Pilots are able to choose a ship of their liking and highly encouraged to bring their own Astromech droids. Operating from planetary bases as well as carrier capital ships, players participate in missions to aid the resistance in its ongoing conflict against the rising First Order. Events in this sim take place six years before the happenings in The Force Awakens.

Each player character will be a flight leader, with three NPC wingmen that they control. These will also be canon fodder as combat ensues.

Combat is decided with simple dice rolls based on the advantages and disadvantages written in dialogue. Example: If an X-Wing fighter and its wingmen engage a target they will receive advantages toward hitting the target. If a lone a-wing faces down a flight of incoming Tie Defenders firing blindly in their general direction they will be at a disadvantage to hit.

So that no one gets left behind in combat, only one attack action is allowed per post. The GM will resolve each attack action. A counter attack likewise will be announced and resolved by the GM. Hits by enemy craft may destroy wingmen or cause damage to a player’s fighter and or droid. No one will be eliminated without their permission. So to an extent you are invulnerable, but it will hurt. Damaged vessels are at a heavy disadvantage in attacks.

And so you know, your GM is a notorious bad roller. Enjoy.

Details & Contact Information

Name: Rogue Wings
Genre: Star Wars 24 ABY
Website: https://rwings.split-world.com/index.php/main/index
Discord: https://discord.gg/9AdJnDj

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