Seeking Strange New Worlds and Creative Minds – USS Sirius PBeM

Posted February 22, 2021 by Cpt_Jorin


The USS Sirius is seeking to enlist new players to participate in adventures in an evolving universe set shortly after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, in 2387. We are successful play by mail RPG that began life back in 1997 and have continued strong to this day. We have a love for Trek and welcome anyone who shares our love for interesting stories and characters, developing plots and story arcs and most of all an interest in exploring the wonders of space. Where so many wonderful stories have yet to be told, the only limitation being ones imagination. No matter whether your a five year veteran or a new fresh faced NCO, we encourage all our players to be creative and put forward story ideas, plot twist or even whole missions for the crew to play out.
For more information feel free to contact me or visit our website at

Details & Contact Information

Name: USS Sirius PbEM
Genre: 2387 - A mixture of TNG & DS9

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