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Star Wars: legacy of the Force (LOTF)

Star Wars: legacy of the Force (LOTF)

Posted June 23, 2020 by greenfelt

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force (LOTF) is a Star Wars play-by-post forum site based on Jcink.

As the heroes of the Age of the Empire passed into the dataslates history, few would envision that their sacrifice would be in vain. As the New Jedi Order assumed the mantle of “Knights of the Galactic Alliance” as some would call them, they became increasingly forced into conflict zones and situations that required more and more Jedi involvement. The New Jedi Order was a shadow of its former self and the Galactic Alliance Senate continued to pass legislation that hampered the Jedi’s recruiting efforts throughout the galaxy. Despite popular support, the New Jedi Order was seen as an adversary to the Galactic Alliance and when the senate elected anti-Jedi Bothan Hisk Naaf’laer (Male, Senator, Bothawui) in 95 ABY as the new Chief of State, the situation worsened for the Jedi.

Jedi Grand Master Aadis Taamelirm decided that the New Jedi Order would vacate their residence in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and moved the Jedi Order to Ossus. Ossus, having been rebuilt following the devastation of the Yuuzhan Vong War, had been pacified by the Jedi in the years following 40 ABY. The rehabilitation was undertaken by the Jedi Order and restored much of Ossus’ natural fauna and ecosystems, this was done with the assistance of corporations and companies who wished to see Ossus prosper underneath the Jedi Order. The decision to move to Ossus prompted backlash from Chief of State Naaf’laer who required the Jedi Order to provide further assistance in conflict zones and areas of tension, notably in the crime ridden areas of the southern portion of the Outer Rim.

Following a series of legal battles in the Court of Justice, the Jedi decided that it would be best if they became independent of the Galactic Alliance entirely. In a press release to the Galactic HoloNet, the New Jedi Order declared themselves an independent government with its capital on Ossus. This declaration angered the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Alliance promptly sanctioned the new “Jedi Coalition” which had drawn dozens of worlds around Ossus some other important locations throughout the galaxy, notably Dac and it’s impressive shipyards. The Jedi Coalition, while officially a coalition of the New Jedi Order and allied systems, functions more as a loose confederation of systems who align themselves with the Jedi and their methods.

While a cold war brewed between the Galactic Alliance proper and the new Jedi Coalition, the Fel Empire took advantage of the situation. While the Fel Empire and its leadership under Jagged II had changed significantly, it had a helping of New Order loyalist that did not take kindly to the “Empire with a Human Face”. These New Order loyalist found themselves in league with a shadowy Dark Side organization known as the Brotherhood of the Sith and the high-ranking New Order loyalist worked to allow the Brotherhood of the Sith to infiltrate the new Imperial Knight program, finally in 98 ABY the coup was launched underneath the shadowy Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Ogram, and within a year was able to capture the leadership of the empire as a whole. In one brutal, violent swoop the elusive Dark Lord of the Sith murdered the Fel dynasty and purged the empire of those who would be considered undesirable. In late 99 ABY, Darth Ogram declared himself “Galactic Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith” effectively becoming the “Sith Emperor” and declared a new Sith Empire.

The rise of the Sith Empire caused a wave of panic over the galaxy, notably in the Jedi Coalition and the Galactic Alliance who continued their uneasy peace. In the few short months following the announcement of the new Sith Empire, large portions of the Outer Rim joined the growing Sith Empire and it began expanding its capabilities rapidly. While the Sith Empire has relied heavily upon the knowledge of the New Order loyalist that have joined and make up much of its senior leadership, the Sith Emperor has also taken to making connections with the underworld and many bounty hunters, mercenaries find themselves in the employ of the Sith Empire and its leadership to do their bidding.

Whoever ends victorious, it is apparent that the galaxy is at the dawn of a new age.

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Name: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force
Genre: Star Wars AU (100 ABY)
Website: https://starwarslotf.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx
Discord: https://discord.gg/kNTerze

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