The Gamma Quadrant: Where New Adventures Await

Posted November 5, 2020 by Transit Nerd

Having successfully recovered the missing planetary survey team from Alpha Remidian, the Altai is underway to Gamma Command. It was a costly mission, with both the Chief Engineer and Acting Chief Tactical Officer losing their lives. A few days at Gamma Command will allow time for some minor resupplying and, hopefully, for some new crew to transfer aboard.

Upcoming Mission: Beacon

The Altai is ordered to investigate the discovery of a Federation signal coming from the Quimalia system. The system has not had a Federation presence since the initial astrometric survey. But now, three years later, an active message broadcasts, repeating the same two words, “They’re coming.”

Join the Altai to further the exploration of, and strengthen the Federation’s presence in, the Gamma Quadrant.

Current Open Positions:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Chief of Security
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
  • Assistant Chiefs in Most Departments
  • Junior Officers and Enlisted Welcome and Encouraged!

Details & Contact Information

Name: USS Altai
Genre: Star Trek

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