Trouble on the Edge of the Verse

  • Zuzutoo 

Greenleaf Skyplex is a space station in orbit above the majestic arboreal planet of Greenleaf. It is the major distribution hub to all worlds in this quadrant of the Rim. Little happens this far out in the Black that doesn’t flow through its doors at some point. There is plenty of profit for someone keen enough to try for it. The station strives to keep a balance of order to keep the station conducive to business without too many ties to either the underworld or the Alliance. What kind of business will depend on you.

In the midst of this bastion of civilization and commerce, tensions are growing. Powerful forces are manipulating fragile truce on the Skyplex and could return the Verse to outright war as a new Independent Movement takes root. Grennleaf is the flashpoint of conflict as the powers of control and freedom fight to keep hold of its citizenry. Come make a difference in the future of the Verse.

General Information:

Sim Name: Greenleaf Skyplex
Genre: Firefly
Discord Link: