War rages across the inner rim… Fight for your Emperor and your Empire!

  • Kai 

War rages across the INNER RIM. The GALACTIC EMPIRE continues to fight against the resourceful forces of the NEW REPUBLIC under the command of Fleet Admiral Akbar.

With the conflict on a knife-edge, Counselor Gallius Rax has assumed control of the Empire and concentrated much of its remaining forces on the desert world of Jakku in the Inner Rim. There, the Empire will make its last stand against the New Republic.

Aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer DOMINANCE, Commander Caran Azulas struggles to keep his forces united in the face of impending defeat. With rumours rife of mutiny across the fleet, a secret plot against the Empire and the loss of several fleet leaders, the Commander begins a purge of Republic sympathisers, keen to ensure the legacy of the Galactic Empire remains strong aboard his ship.

As the BATTLE OF JAKKU begins, the fate of the galaxy rests on the shoulders of many. For the Dominance crew, a shock turn of events makes everyone re-evaluate their situation…

A play by Nova simulation rated 323. We are recruiting a wide variety of intriguing positions for this new, inventive Star Wars sim. Join us as we look at the struggle behind the scenes of the Galactic Empire – what’s it like, serving in the Empire, when it’s not clear where loyalties really lie…

General Information:

Sim Name: Imperial Star Destroyer Dominance
Genre: Star Wars
Website: http://dominance.uss-ulysses.com/
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ugvHHqn