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We Lost

23 years have passed since the Discovery’s failed attempt to stop the war. The Klingons have overtaken Earth and the Federation is simply a memory. Humanity is exiled and is now an endangered species. What remains of Starfleet has regrouped at the M-11 system, humanity’s adopted homeworld.

It is now 2280. Starfleet’s numbers have dwindled, its credibility all but destroyed, and much of its officers have lost respect for the organization, biding their time for opportunities with other governments. Captain Marty Collins is about to lose hope himself. He, along with a handpicked crew, embarks on a desperate mission in hopes to light a spark to save the organization — and humanity as a whole.

Failure is not an option.


Note: It is possible for these positions to change into regular positions aboard the Lexington. Due to the nature of the story, “Chief” positions are not yet available for anyone.

The USS Lexington exists in an alternate universe set 23 years following Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery. The Federation no longer exists and Starfleet is a shadow of its former self. Earth is occupied by the Klingon Empire. Traditional upbringings are not possible, and the Academy no longer exists. Normal rank advancements no longer exist, and will be determined by the Game Manager and Command Team based upon the bio that is presented. Individuals expecting high ranks with their positions need not apply.

General Information:

Sim Name: USS Lexington
Genre: Star Trek (Alternate Universe)
Website: https://lexington.ussblackhawk.com/
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/vNq2kgB