Will you stand between the Federation and her new enemies?

The twenty-fifth century was supposed to be an era of peace and prosperity, the Borg were gone the Dominion defeated……seems someone forgot to tell the twenty-fifth century.

First came the Iconians, and ancient species that were thought to have been destroyed 200,00 years ago. And they did not return as benevolent friends. Appearing on Qo’nos, a lone Iconian killed the entire Klingon High Council leaving a warning not to attract the attention of the Iconians again or they will return and retake the universe.

Next, the Undine, or Species 8472 as the Borg refers to them, have begun an Infiltration and replacement campaign against every race in the known universe. The Klingon calls for help in addressing this threat have gone unanswered by the Federation. Now the Klingons have withdrawn from the Khitomer Accords and subjugated the Gorn and the Ferasan in the name of repelling the Undine.

Beset by enemies and dangers on all sides Starfleet is returning to a mentality not seen in decades and is getting ready for war at a moment’s notice.

Starfleet’s newest symbol, the Odyssey-class starship, is to take to the stars and show the might and resolve of the Federation much like the old Constitution Class used to do.

The newest to join this elite force is the USS North Carolina, currently in Spaceframe 9 at the San Francisco Shipyards above Earth for final crew assignments when Starfleet suddenly orders her to action leaving without almost a quarter of her crew.

A priority one mission sends the ship racing to the edge of the Beta Quadrant to accesses the threat of a race that attacked the scout ship USS Rodger Young. A ship design that has not been seen in almost 400 years has appeared and is destroying anything that it comes across. Could this ship actually belong to a race that Earth fought even before it discovered Warp Drive?

The USS North Carolina’s Commanding Officer has been tasked with learning if humanity’s old enemy is returning and to attempt to make peace, but given the brutality of the enemy, has been authorized to engage in combat and eliminate them with extreme prejudice if needed…….

Top Open Positions:

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Science Officer
M.A.C.O. Operator
Alpha Flight Leader
Squad Leader, First Squad

And many more positions, click here for a full listing.

General Information:

Sim Name: USS North Carolina
Genre: Star Trek
Website: http://ussnorthcarolina.org/
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/6AZxJ55