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Resource Links

22nd Fleet Resources

Graphics – Official 22nd Fleet Graphics

Character Name Generators

Bajoran Name Generator – Generates Bajoran character names.
Behind the Name – Find the meaning and history of first names.
Klingon Name Generator – Generates Klingon character names.
STO Academy Name Generator – Generates character names from various species in the Star Trek universe.
Vulcan Name Generator – Generates Vulcan character names.

Custom Graphics (Avatars, Logos, Etc)

Cool Text – Free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.
Font Squirrel Macherator – Finds the font in an image.
GW2 Emblem Editor – Make emblems and logos with this tool.
Star Trek Dress Up – Cartoon avatar creator.
Trekkietar – Create a cartoon avatar.

Recruiting Resources

Role Playing & Story Building Resources

Nova User Guide

Tech Specs Starship Design – Star Trek

Daystrom Institute Technical Library – Star Trek