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Vidal Fleet Yards

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
Captain Neela Izal

Assistant GM(s):
Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca

Following the Battle of Ivaldi Ivaldi III between Ortani forces and Starfleet, Ivaldi III was temporarily thrown into the future and a totally different quadrant. The planet Ivaldi III was returned to the year 2390 and back to its rightful place in the Alpha Quadrant. Now it is 2391 and the residents of the Ivaldi System, along with their Starfleet counterparts on the Spacedock Class starbase Vidal Fleet Yards, are thriving once more. Trade routes have been reestablished and it is business as per usual.

Vidal Fleet Yards (SB-812) is under the command of Captain Neela Izal and Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca. The USS Becker (NCC-81996) serves as a mobile engineering and repair ship while the USS Dunkirk (NCC-90841) serves as a patrol vessel making certain trade routes remain clear of any threats. As a Fleet Yard the station has over fifty dry dock’s that service both civilian and Starfleet associated starships. Other vessels are able to dock inside of the station in order to refuel and take on supplies.

Ivaldi III was once home to the Ortani race, later known as the Ivaldians, and it was their seat of power. There is so much more to the Ortani, and the Ivaldians who replaced them, than is presently known to Starfleet personnel. The science teams continue to examine ruins as they are discovered in order to learn more about those who came before the Federation colonized the planet. The Ivaldi System is a binary star system that contains five separate planets and multiple orbital platforms.

Vidal Fleet Yards is an engineering centric simm with an age rating of 16+ within the Star Trek universe. The simm has been active for over three years with many of the same players remaining aboard. With a player base that has 30 separate writers our mission is to write great stories and continue to build up the simm and the world associated within it. We strive to have a safe gaming environment that is friendly to all people of all backgrounds. Please take the time and check us out!

Current Mission: Episode 16 - Genesis Uprising

Six months earlier the freighter Folkestone began her extensive journey between the Ivaldi System and the Clarus System in Ferengi held space. During that time the ship made numerous stops on her long haul trade route. On the return journey the ship lost contact with the Federation as it crossed over the border back into Federation space.

On Starbase 812 the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards are relieved to see the last of the repair work on the drydocks completed. The station is once again considered fully activated and nearly staffed with new personnel. Chief among those changes was the decision by Starfleet to maintain all Starfleet operations in the system on board the starbase. With all of the day to day operations taking place on the station it’s far easier on the personnel.

Shortly after the station is reopened the freighter Folkestone appears in the system with a variety of systems failures. Among those systems that have failed is the communications array making it impossible to immediately dock the ship. Once the ship is docked, however, the crew of the freighter and those aboard the station soon learn that systems failures are not their biggest concern…

Open Positions:

Character Roster:

null Neela Izal Commanding Officer
null Jordyn de Planca Executive Officer
null Gredrol son of Osham Chief Strategic Operations Officer
null Reid Hoseki Chief Traffic Control Officer
null S’Toriin Second Officer & Chief Operations Officer
null Jessica Kingsley Assistant Chief Operations Officer
null Stephen O’Malley M.D. Medical Administrator
null Ellowyn Delaney M.D. Deputy Medical Administrator
null Suzanne Fairchild M.D. Chief Medical Officer
null Kara Stevenson Ph.D. Chief Counselor
null Kendrick Belmont M.D. Medical Officer, Psychiatric Ward
null Novra Bostru Chief of Security
null Gelo Pajes Assistant Chief of Security
null Sorben ch’Theseski Chief Investigations Officer
null Manuel de Planca Chief Science Officer
null Leyla Aiman-Tamar Assistant Chief Science Officer
null Gavin MacIntyre Division Chief, Life Sciences
null Celeste Moneaux Division Chief, Research & Development
null Elle Hayashi Division Chief, Physical Sciences
null Kelsi Dawson Chief Engineering Officer
null Tolam Pizal Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
null Brandon Kerr Division Chief, Construction
null Mia Grayson Division Chief, Fabrication
null R’Toren Division Chief, Repair
null Courtney Mackenzie Division Chief, Design
null Sinjohl Tagorn Chief Logistics Officer
null Jade Engstrom Governor
null Jami Bostru Family Member
null Riley MacIntyre Family Member
null Danielle MacIntyre Family Member