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Vidal Fleet Yards

Star Trek

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Captain Neela Izal

Assistant GM(s):
Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca

The Battle of Ivaldi III took place in 2390 and caused an anomalous rift to form within the Ivaldi System. Starfleet and civilians alike on the planet were told by Belphans and Fin’ul that it was impossible to remove the anomaly and maintain the system. The Celestians also attempted to destroy the planet. With the discovery of Celestian metals in the planetary core the only way for them to save the planet was for the Belphans and Fin’ul to rewind the clock and send them back to the Ivaldi System.

Now, at the conclusion of the Fifth Council of Ivaldia the year is once again 2390 and Vidal Fleet Yards has returned to the Alpha Quadrant and the Ivaldi System. Only the people on Ivaldi III remember the weeks of struggling in the Delta Quadrant while the rest of the Federation believes only a few days passed. Lives have been restored and a new space station in orbit of Ivaldi III has been constructed. Vidal Fleet Yards SB-812 is a Spacedock class starbase under the command of Captain Neela Izal and Commander Iazil Naadel.

The USS Becker is a Diligent-class starship used for long range engineering recovery and repair missions while the USS Dunkirk is a Sentinel-class starship used for patrol and security of the surrounding space. Both vessels serve as garrison ships to the Fleet Yard while the assigned Starfleet Corps of Engineers work on construction, repair, and refitting of vessels to be used by Starfleet. These are the stories of the people who live and work in the Ivaldi System for the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet.

Vidal Fleet Yards is an engineering centric simm set in the Star Trek universe and led by Captain Neela Izal, Commander Iazil Naadel, Commander Yvanka Dravex, Commander Chelsea McDanielson, and Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca. The command team focuses on making this a safe gaming environment for all who wish to be a part of something great. With a focus on character building and world building, consider Vidal Fleet Yards a home for any who wish to join. The age rating for the simm is 16+ so please bear that in mind as you take a look around.

Current Mission: Episode 15 - A Time of Healing

At the conclusion of the Fifth Council of Ivaldia the Fin’ul and Belphan revealed the true nature of their technological abilities. The anomaly that destroyed the Immense Class starbase for Vidal Fleet Yards has been closed and sealed forever. Ivaldi III has returned to its proper place in the Ivaldi System and it’s 2390 for the crew and civilians living in the system.

A new Spacedock class station was transported into the system in pieces for reassembly and the affected drydocks, orbital platforms, and Cessna Station are undergoing repairs. The USS Dunkirk and USS Becker are both also undergoing repairs. The many other vessels that were damaged during the battle are sitting in drydock as well. With much of the crew able to return to the completed parts of the station, life appears to be returning to normal.

Starfleet personnel are now able to turn their attention towards the continued support of the Drekkonian people and reunification with the rest of the Alpha Quadrant. Old trade lanes are established once more. Now is the time for answers, however, as representatives from Starfleet Command have arrived in order to conduct a full investigation into what happened. All while everyone celebrates an ancient Earth holiday known as Christmas…

Open Positions:

Character Roster:

null Neela Izal Commanding Officer
null Jordyn de Planca Executive Officer
null Gredrol son of Osham Chief Strategic Operations Officer
null Reid Hoseki Chief Traffic Control Officer
null S’Toriin Second Officer & Chief Operations Officer
null Jessica Kingsley Assistant Chief Operations Officer
null Stephen O’Malley M.D. Medical Administrator
null Ellowyn Delaney M.D. Deputy Medical Administrator
null Suzanne Fairchild M.D. Chief Medical Officer
null Kara Stevenson Ph.D. Chief Counselor
null Kendrick Belmont M.D. Medical Officer, Psychiatric Ward
null Novra Bostru Chief of Security
null Gelo Pajes Assistant Chief of Security
null Sorben ch’Theseski Chief Investigations Officer
null Manuel de Planca Chief Science Officer
null Leyla Aiman-Tamar Assistant Chief Science Officer
null Gavin MacIntyre Division Chief, Life Sciences
null Celeste Moneaux Division Chief, Research & Development
null Elle Hayashi Division Chief, Physical Sciences
null Kelsi Dawson Chief Engineering Officer
null Tolam Pizal Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
null Brandon Kerr Division Chief, Construction
null Mia Grayson Division Chief, Fabrication
null R’Toren Division Chief, Repair
null Courtney Mackenzie Division Chief, Design
null Sinjohl Tagorn Chief Logistics Officer
null Jade Engstrom Governor
null Jami Bostru Family Member
null Riley MacIntyre Family Member
null Danielle MacIntyre Family Member