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Ashland Initiative

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
Captain Jack Lashmore - USS Southern Cross Commanding Officer

Assistant GM(s):
Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl - Starbase 471 'Kusawake' Commanding Officer

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~ Francis of Assisi Read Borderland: territory at or near a border, fringe, a vague or intermediate state or region.

Words too true when it comes to the area of space between Primary Federation worlds and the Klingon border has been known as the Borderlands. Whilst the area is dotted with Federation worlds, it is the other worlds which make the majority of the area that define its status. Neutrality or non aligned to any party. The price of individuality and non conformity lead to an area considered almost primitive in Federation eyes. Worlds driven to famine via drugs and crime…worlds ruled from above by decadent Orion Syndicate overlords…neutral systems with corrupt governments and self governed military’s…and of course the frontier worlds…

In the past two-hundred years Starfleet has had trouble creating order within the region, much less a sense of peace. With the recent changes in the command echelons, those in overall charge of the region started looking outside the box as they saw the rising need to attempt yet again to bring a semblance of order and stability to the Borderlands and another pair of eyes to the Klingon and Romulan borders.

The Ashland Initiative was formed as a sign of Federation outreach. Until recently the Ashland System had been a fully independent system of mixed species. With both dueterium and dilithium mining facilities, the M-Class planet of Ashland Prime has been the victims of random raiding parties for over a hundred years on and off.

In 2385, however, the system was attacked by raiders with heavy weaponry and the damage upon the colony was far greater than usual in both infrastructure and lives lost. This prompted a request for official assistance from Starfleet. By 2388 Starfleet had built a Starbase (SB 471 ‘Kusawake’) in orbit as command saw the opportunity to create a greater foothold within the Borderland in a system which had resources the Federation was in dire need of. The strategic position of the Ashland system with growing Klingon concerns and the recent destabilization of the Romulan Empire with the Hobus incident was also a boon for the Federation. With a Starbase there was special consideration for a grown active presence in the Borderland as a whole and hence the USS Southern Cross and USS Venture were assigned to the area on a permanent basis with the aging USS Venture assigned to the Station as a support craft and the USS Southern Cross as the active patrol and response vessel in the region. In a region bordered by several unpredictable major empires and dozens of independent species as well as the criminal cartel known as the Orion Syndicate there will be many challenges faced, but the goal to tame the Borderland will be sought by those who lead the Ashland Initiative. Equally the Commanding Officer is happy to deal with any and all inquiries.

Current Mission: Hi-Ho Silver! / Tinkerers, Tailors, Station, Ship

Hi-Ho Silver! – The Borderland is known for many things, and a common reoccurrence is pirate activity. Short-staffed and under-supplied by Starfleet, the Ashland Initiative had barely made their beds before they had received a distress call from a freighter shipping much-needed supplies to the Initiative. A pirate attack in progress. The USS Southern Cross has been dispatched to intercept…

Tinkerers, Tailors, Station, Ship – The Ashland Colony is a non-federation colony with a very iron-handed and strict government which is more than willing to cut corners in order to achieve its goals. An attempt to further enrich dueterium mined locally has caused tank-5 of Ashland’s Dueterium mine to meltdown causing a massive chain reaction through all storage areas and a growing radiation cloud threatening the lively-hood of civilians in the area. Starbase Kusawake and its crew are caught between a rock and a hard place as they play diplomat and humanitarian aide with an overly proud local government.


Open Positions:


Chief Flight Officer – USS Southern Cross

Chief Science Officer – USS Southern Cross

Chief Operations Officer – USS Southern Cross

Chief Medical Officer – Starbase Kusawake

Chief Engineering Officer – Starbase Kusawake


Character Roster:

Ashland Initiative Command

Captain Jack Lashmore
Initiative Command: Southern Cross CO

Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl
Initiative Command: Kusawake Station CO

Lieutenant Grigor Eisenberg-Sloane
Intelligence Officer

Starbase 471 ‘Kusawake’

Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl
Commanding Officer

Commander Sinara
Executive Officer

Ensign Sekhem Peth
Chief Flight Controller

Lieutenant Commander Zharra Neerassi
Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Chief Warrant Officer Three Javiylah MacArthur
Chief Operations Officer

Chief Petty Officer Lumo Elnora
Chief Science Officer

USS Southern Cross NCC-72685

Captain Jack Lashmore
Commanding Officer

Commander Kylara Jax, MD
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Targh’n “Hawk” Hawking
Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Atanasija Lukic
Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Torrna Maliya MD
Chief Medical Officer