Canopus Station

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General Information:

Genre: Star Trek
Operating Year: 2389
Rating: 323
Recruiting? No
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Benjamin Ingram
Assistant GM(s):

Top Open Positions:
Chief Operations Officer (A lot of things get broken, a lot of things get misplaced)

Chief Intelligence Officer (...that's classified, and you don't have clearance to know what I think you should know)

Strategic Operations Officer (We're surrounded by bad guys, no hiding under the table is not a good strategy)

Marine Detachment (Our first Marine CO got taken over by a faith making a fungal infection. Ask him about the glorious word of our Lord & Saviour Phaser To The Face)

Starfighter Wing (Wing Commander quoting badass required, enquire within)

About The Sim

Canopus Station is the frontier fort for Starfleet’s push into Messier 4. The Stardock class facility flies high above the desert moon of Carpathia, where the crashed colony of Landersfell ecks out a hard living from their harsh new world. Designed to be the beachhead for Starfleet’s new explorative and defensive programs in the globular cluster, Canopus will be the axis about which a new industrial complex will be constructed.

Join us and help defend and explore the high frontier beyond the Milly Way! Discover the mysteries of the Priors. Unravel the plots of the Myriad. And defend the helpless from the gauntleted fist of the Concordance. The Messier 4 Sim’s are an open world sand dock for those wanting to write their own story, and help shape a shared storyverse!

Come and join us, on what will be the Federations ultimate destiny, and next great adventure in Messier 4!

Current Mission: Upon A Darkening Tide

Having rescued the crew from the clutches of the Harbour Master, and faced off with the military might of the Concordance, the crew return to a station bloodied by battle. But no sooner have they returned than the crew are on their way once more. But not too far-flung nightmares in Messier 4.

Instead, they are to transport four Class Four Industrial Replicators to the surface of Carpathia, the desert moon colony Canopus Station orbits. These replicators will help the colony set up habitation and infrastructure, and go some distance in repairing the damage caused by Starfleet’s hand in the colonies fiery founding.

But during the arrival, the Colony Coordiaintor is warned by a man calling himself Pallas Cant to recall old debts made to the Freedom’s Legion, an anti-Federation group now transplanted to the new stars of Messier 4. Is the crew walking into a trap, or is the colony town of Landersfall really a port in the storm?

Crew Manifest:

Command-CO-Captain Benjamin Ingram Dr
Command-XO-Commander Wolfgang Ritter
Security & Tactical-CSTO-Lieutenant Theylan th’Zohan
Engineering-CEO-Lieutenant Commander Mara Ricci
Science-CSO-Lieutenant Commander Meilin Jiang
Diplomatic Attache For The Cardassian Union-Lu’kat