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Canopus Station

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Canopus Station

Star Trek

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Game Manager:
Captain Benjamin Ingram

Assistant GM(s):
The Entire Crew

Canopus Station is the frontier fort for Starfleet’s push into Messier 4. The Stardock class facility flies high above the desert moon of Carpathia, where the crashed colony of Landersfell ecks out a hard living from their harsh new world. Designed to be the beachhead for Starfleet’s new explorative and defensive programs in the globular cluster, Canopus will be the axis about which a new industrial complex will be constructed.

Join us and help defend and explore the high frontier beyond the Milly Way! Discover the mysteries of the Priors. Unravel the plots of the Myriad. And defend the helpless from the gauntleted fist of the Concordance. The Messier 4 Sim’s are an open world sand dock for those wanting to write their own story, and help shape a shared storyverse!

Come and join us, on what will be the Federations ultimate destiny, and next great adventure in Messier 4!

Current Mission: Season 2.2 Snow Ball

Things tend to…snowball when you least expect it.

Unknown contacts turn out to not be three comets, but three starships decelerating from a sublight crawl across space. Massive ships called Star Jammers, take up orbit around the outer two twin ice giants of the Carpathia Star System. Upon investigation the crew makes peaceful contact with The Builders, a race able to bioform themselves to meet any perceived need. Meanwhile, an intelligence mission to the Concordance world of Tripwire goes awry when their Xilosian native guide starts a gun battle with an entire army.

And two ner do wells go on an away mission all of their own…

Open Positions:

Strategic Operations Officer (We’re surrounded by bad guys, no hiding under the table is not a good strategy)

Character Roster:

Command-CO-Captain Benjamin Ingram
Captains Yeoman-Senior Chief Petty Officer Sharona Deluna
Engineering-CEO-Lieutenant Commander Mara Ricci
Operations-COO-Lieutenant Ferris Okias
Science-CSO-Lieutenant Commander Meilin Jiang
Counselor-Medical-Lieutenant T’Niam
Chief Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Commander Amie Cerys
Marine Commanding Officer Major Tatiana Skobelova
Starfighter Group Commander Major Samuel Braddock
Diplomatic Attache For The Cardassian Union-Lu’kat