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Coast Guard Investigative Service

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Coast Guard Investigative Service

Modern Day

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Game Manager:
INV3 Kevin Roe

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LTJG Thora Newman

The United States Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) is a premier federal law enforcement agency serving to protect the personnel, assets, and integrity of the US Coast Guard across the world. CGIS also investigates civilian-related issues such as crimes on federal/interstate waterways, crimes occurring on cruise lines, human trafficking, drug trafficking, crimes in major ports, and is involved in counter-terrorism.

The CGIS RP is based on a “Regional Response Team” based in the Chesapeak/Capital Region of the agency. This team is made up of Active Duty, Full-Time Reserve, and Civilian personnel.

The criminal investigative function of the Coast Guard Investigative Service is similar to that of a major crimes unit at a large metropolitan police department, investigating crimes such as those “internal” to the Coast Guard, including fraud, larceny, homicide, and rape, as well as “external” investigations of maritime-related crimes ranging from migrant and drug smuggling, homicide, rape, false distress calls, and violations of the environmental laws.

The Coast Guard Investigative Service is a centralized directorship managed by a professional criminal investigator who reports directly to the Coast Guard’s Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard. It is located outside the Coast Guard’s operational chain of command.


Criminal investigations

  •  Felony violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
  • United States Code violations related to or within the maritime jurisdiction of the U.S.
  • Counter-narcotics and alien-smuggling investigations
  • Fisheries Violations and Environmental Crimes
  • Counter-terrorism and force protection
  • Investigative assistance to federal, state, and local law enforcement
  • Protective service operations

Commandant/Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard

  • Assistance to U.S. Secret Service Presidential Detail
  • Other foreign and domestic dignitaries as requested

Intelligence operations

  • Human intelligence (HUMINT) collection operations
  • Image intelligence collection operations (IMINT)
  • Law enforcement information collection
  • Counterintelligence functions are investigated by the Coast Guard Counterintelligence Service as part of U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence.

Anti-fraud, waste, and abuse

  • Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General Hotline complaint investigations
  • TRICARE medical fraud investigations
  • Contract fraud investigations

Taskforce and liaison activities

  • FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)
  • Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF)
  • High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force
  • Border Enforcement Security Team (BEST)

International policing

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Important Canon Note

In our timeline, COVID-19 DID NOT occur.

Current Mission: Back to Basic

Regional Response Team Three of the Chesapeake-Capital Region of CGIS has been assigned to cover an alarming loss of coverage at the Cape May Resident Agent Office. Training Center (TRACEN) Cape May is the location of the Coast Guard’s Boot Camp, multiple cutters, a small boat station, and multiple other units. Despite being covered by its own Coast Guard Police Department unit multiple CGIS cases have been opened without an agent to cover them. RRT3 has been assigned by their leadership to head to Cape May and take charge until new resident agents can be assigned.

Open Positions:

Special Agent
Information-Technology Specialist (Field Team Member)

Members who have a primary character on the field team may create additional characters that work in our Crime Lab, K9 Handlers, Coast Guard Police Department, frequent cameos, and more!

Character Roster:

INV3 Kevin Roe, Supervisory Special Agent (Team Leader)
INV2 Buzz Bradley, Special Agent
Angelica Passolini, Special Agent
Erin Reeves, Special Agent Trainee
YN2 Hannah Belton, Administrative Assistant

LT Thora Newman Esq., Legal Consultant (JAG Corps.)
Cirice Meliora, Forensic Scientist

LCDR Abigail Ruiz-Thorpe, Special Agent-in-Charge (NPC)