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Dragon Age: Legacy


Dragon Age: Legacy

Dragon Age - Fantasy

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Operating Year:
9:34 Dragon

Game Manager:
Kalian Winter (Sprite)

Assistant GM(s):
Martin Josceran (Malysh), Cainan Sauvage (Jethro Anordix)

The year is 9:34 Dragon. Three years ago the Hero of Ferelden and King Alistair Therin ended the Fifth Blight and now Thedas enjoys relative peace and stability. The city of Jader, though not a famous or capitol city, occupies a geographically central position in Thedas. Travelers, merchants, and goods from across the known world have passed through Jader for ages, and it is home to people of diverse origins. The city holds many secrets, both new and old. The sim is structured like Dragon Age II – rather than trying to save the world, our characters are just trying to save themselves, their friends, and their city.

Current Mission: Summerday La Fête

The city of Jader celebrates the yearly week-long festival of Summerday.

Morning and evening Chantry services. Feasting, drinking, blessings, and dancing around bonfires. It all culminates in a parade through town. Good times to be had by all.

What could go wrong?

Open Positions:

There is no limit on the number of player-characters.

Choose your character’s race: human, elf, dwarf, qunari
And choose your character’s primary and secondary skill set: warrior, rogue, mage

Is your character a bard? A Grey Warden? An apostate mage?

Do you have an idea for a character? We want to hear it.

Character Roster:

Kalian Winter (human apostate mage)
Cainan Sauvage (human nobleman, rogue)
Elinowy Ursulas (human Chantry sister, rogue)
Martin Josceran (human Guardsman, warrior)
Rhiannon Cadash (dwarf shipping proprietess, rogue)
Harlowe Dulmi (dwarf rogue)
Jaslyn (elf Grey Warden)
Dominic Lesprin (human potions master)

Your character!