General Information:

Genre: Firefly
Operating Year: 2517
Rating: 323
Recruiting? No
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Alden Loxley
Assistant GM(s): Alison Bliss

Top Open Positions:
Positions available, please ask for details!

About The Sim

Seven months ago (early 2517), the Verse seemed to be feeling somewhat kind. Two folk who had lost almost everything found an abandoned Firefly on a desolate rocky moon. They buried some bodies, called in some back-up and managed to get her up and running.

Now, Fortune has flipped that coin and the echo of their luck is rippling through the lives of those who stole from her surface and all those who travel with them.

Step on up, and join the journey. Be part of the problem, seek the solution or sign up with the rivals.

Current Mission: The Milk Run

Go fetch the shiny thing from Serenity Valley on Hera. Easy money, right?