Fortune’s Echo


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Game Manager:
Alden Loxley

Assistant GM(s):
Alison Bliss, Daiyu

Seven months ago (March 2517), the Verse seemed to be feeling somewhat kind. Two people who had lost almost everything found an abandoned Firefly on a desolate rocky moon. They buried some bodies, called in some back-up and managed to get her up and running.

Now, Fortune has flipped that coin and the echo of their luck is rippling through the lives of those who stole from her surface and all those who travel with them.

Step on up, and join the journey. Be part of the problem, seek the solution or sign up with the rivals.

Current Mission: Just A Short Hop to Priam

Serenity Valley hit hard. Literally. With missiles and everything. We lost our beloved engineer and picked up some new wounds, both emotional and physical. But now, with the Firefly patched up and a new reconditioned engine on board, we’ve just flown a short mission to deliver a cargo to Priam. Made it in one piece, just some minor tinkering and such to do while the Captain finds another job to pay the bills.

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Companion position available

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