General Information:

Genre: Modern Fire Department
Operating Year: 2019
Rating: 323
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA
Discord Server:

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: LT Xavier Chen
Assistant GM(s): CAPT Matthew Davies, FF/PM Danielle Sydney

Top Open Positions:
Staff Assistant Driver: Battalion 13
Engineer: Engine 33, Engine 233
Fire Apparatus Operator: Truck 33
Paramedic: Advanced Provider 33
Emergency Medical Technician: Rescue Ambulance 833
Firefighter: Engine 33, Truck 33, Engine 233

Note: All department personnel are Firefighters and at the minimum Emergency Medical Technicians. All Firefighters may be paramedics with the exception of the BLS Ambulance RA833 which would be staffed by Firefighter/EMTs only.

About The Sim

Fire Station 33 located at 6406 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA was demolished after the roof collapsed due to a terrible storm in late 2016. When a state of emergency was declared Federal Aid was granted to replace the fire station and the city replaced Station 33 with a state of the art facility located on the land it was originally located before being demolished for safety. In June 2019, Station 33 reopened!

Station 33 is home to Battalion 13, Engine 33, Light Force 33 (Truck 33, Engine 233), Advanced Provider 33 (Physician Assistant/Paramedic Staffed Ambulance), Rescue Ambulance 33 (Paramedic staffed ALS Ambulance), and Rescue Ambulance 833 (EMT staffed BLS Ambulance).

Members of the LAFD can expect to have their characters assigned to A Platoon (shift) at the station. All members must have one primary playing character that is assigned to duty as an LAFD Employee at Station 33.

Current Mission: Season 1 Episode 1: "Our New House"

After being shut down after the roof collapsed during a major storm a couple of years ago Station 33 is being reopened to serve South LA. A brand new station built in its previous location with brand new apparatus E33, T33, E233, RA33, RA833, and it’s newest addition AP33. The station will be serving its community once again with Fire Protection, Rescue Services, Emergency Medical Services, and new Public and Community Health Services.

Crew Manifest:

Captain Matthew Davies, Station 33 CO, Light Force 33 CO
Lieutenant Xavier Chen, Advanced Provider 33 (Physician Assistant)
Lieutenant James Holland, Engine 33 CO
Firefighter/Paramedic Brianna Duffy, Light Force 33
Firefighter/Paramedic Danielle Sydney, Rescue Ambulance 33
Firefighter/Paramedic Piper Grant, Rescue Ambulance 33