General Information:

Genre: Modern Police Department
Operating Year: 2019
Rating: 323
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA
Discord Server:

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Sergeant I Kevin Roe
Assistant GM(s): Police Officer III Alex Ryan, Police Officer I Carla Rike

Top Open Positions:
Police Officer
Probationary Police Officer

Additional positions available as secondary characters, see website for more information.

About The Sim


The Los Angeles Police Department RPG is a collaborative writing group striving to write a realistic police procedural story. In order to accomplish our goal, there will be an open period given to write about the lives of our characters both on and off duty throughout our in-character year. The LAPD RPG focuses on the operations of the 77th Street Area and its community police station.

77th Street Area

The 77th Street Area has a population of approximately 175,000 people and covers approximately 11.9 square miles. Neighborhoods served include the Crenshaw District (South of 52nd Street), Athens Park, Chesterfield Square, Gramercy Park, Hyde Park, Vermont Knolls, View Heights, Vermont Park, and Morningside Park. The 77th Street Community Police Station is under the jurisdiction of the South Bureau.

How it Works

All members of the sim will be required to have their primary character as a member of the Patrol Division of the 77th Street Area. In addition to a primary character, members will have the opportunity to have additional characters or NPCs serving in the Detective Bureau, supervisory roles, outside of the area, allied agencies, or even as civilians.

Current Mission: Season 1: June 2019

It is currently June 2019 in the City of Los Angeles, CA.

Episode 1: Cleaning Up the Mayhem – It was a busy Friday night in the 77th Street Area and the Mayhem has still not been cleaned up by the AM Watch. The squad is back to work after a relaxing three days off and have converted from MID Day (1000-1830) watch to PM Watch (1500-2330). The officers arrive at role call and find that a rash of nuisance crimes had broken out Friday night and into the early Saturday mornings. Property Damage, Graffiti, Thefts from Vehicles, and even two stolen vehicles have been reported. Not to mention that the area has many holding calls waiting.

Episode 2: June 2019 – The events in the lives of our officers on and off duty from 2 JUN until 29 JUN 2019.

Episode 3: TBA – Will take place on 30 JUN 2019, season finale.

Crew Manifest:

77th Street Area Command
Captain Benjamin Bahe, Area Commander (N)
Lieutenant Jason Davies, Patrol Division Commander (N)
Lieutenant Nylah Paige, Detective Division Commander (N)

Patrol Division
Sergeant I Kevin Roe (GM)
Senior Lead Officer Tara Hansen
Police Officer III Emma Yost
Police Officer III Alex Ryan (AGM)
Police Officer III Arran Jaqobis
Police Officer II Ana Lacasa-Vasquez
Police Officer II Angelica Passolini
Police Officer I Carla Rike (AGM)

 (GM) – Game Master’s Primary Character | (AGM) – Assistant GM’s Primary Character | (N) – Special NPC
Please note due to the setup of the sim special NPCs and Secondary Characters are listed above.