Mass Effect: Return

  • Alice 

General Information:

Genre: Mass Effect
Operating Year: 2291
Rating: 322
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Commander Siygess
Assistant GM(s):

Top Open Positions:
Flight Specialist
Navigation Specialist
Communication Specialist

About The Sim

The game takes place in 2291 (105 years after events of Mass Effect 3). Player characters are specialists from Council Renascence Mission (CRM), a committee tasked by Citadel Council with the mandate to repair Mass Relays and restore fast travel lanes across Milky Way galaxy.
CRM became an influential governmental organization, having own laboratories, docks, fleet, agents and special forces, leading the restoration of the galaxy.

Player characters are the crew of a starship working for CRM. Their tasks involve investigating old bases and outposts, being diplomats, delivering cargos, remapping old star systems, securing Reaper tech and many more.

Current Mission: Prologue: Shakedown cruise

Place, Alari Station.
The crew of the starship “Condor” is being formed before its first flight. The ship just arrived from the shipyards and it is time to check the performance of the ship.

Crew Manifest:

Mass Effect: Return – Crew Manifest