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Memory Theta

Star Trek

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Captain Mrazak

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Originally conceived as a temporary holding facility for objects and technology that defied standard Starfleet storage protocols, Memory Theta quickly developed into a permanent black site installation. Upon the completion of the planet-side deep storage installation (nicknamed Tartarus) and its support satellite called Overwatch Station, Theta teams were dispatched to actively acquire data and items suitable for its secure and protected archives.

Memory Theta is a planetary installation and orbital platform with full automation to allow for minimal staffing. Protected by regenerating ablative armor and multiphasic shielding along with a subspace dampening field as security features, Memory Theta is as well protected as any starbase and extremely difficult to locate. Through contacts in Starfleet Intelligence, reports from Command, civilian authorities such as the Vulcan V’Shar, and even black market traders willing to sell dangerous technology to the Theta library, Memory Theta monitors and collects potentially hazardous technology, artifacts, and discoveries.

Current Mission: S1E5: "Symphony of Horror"

Alucard, the sole moon of Corvus Prime, suffered a massive detonation. Due to the medically vampiric nature of the Corvans and signs of illegal bioengineering research, Memory Theta is sent to uncover the hidden secret of the world nicknamed Planet Dhampir — and prevent the thalaron-irradiated material from destroying the undead world.

Meanwhile, Memory Theta’s command staff is called to give account for the division’s part in the destruction of Spacedock One and other events in the Sol system during the previous mission. The inquest’s tribunal seems dead set on closing Memory Theta down for good.

Open Positions:

Any specialist role – contact GM.

Character Roster:

Captain Mrazak
Field Team Leader

Facility Infrastructure

Commander Arianna Frost
Starfleet Intelligence Operative – Special Operations

Lieutenant Commander Finley Chu
Starfleet Intelligence Liaison

Lieutenant Commander BaoJun Qiao
Xenoscience Specialist

Lieutenant Colonel Storr Garlake
Station Commandant

Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wolf MD
Starfleet Intelligence Operative/Biomedical Specialist

Lieutenant Sophie Xiong
Lead Engineering Specialist

Ensign Khaiel D’hikatsi
Computer Science Specialist

Gunnery Sergeant Roderik Kos
Lead Tactical-Security Specialist

Calderon Jarsdel
Psychology & Psionics Specialist