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North Carolina Ghostbusters

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General Information:

Genre: Ghostbusters
Operating Year: 2020
Rating: 323
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA
Website: https://ncgb.split-world.com/index.php/main/index

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Ash Shultz
Assistant GM(s): Lieutenant Tchaikovsky Ford

Top Open Positions:
- Chief Scientist
- Nuclear Engineer
- Medic
- Mechanic
- Paranormal Combatant (aka Basic Ghostbuster)
- Paranormal Anthropologist
- Medium

...There are many more, plus players can reach out to me via e-mail or Discord if there is a position they feel would fit great with NCGB's universe.

About The Sim

NCGB is an 18+ Ghostbusters Sim that encourages every player to world-build as a co-operative. So even if you aren’t strong with Ghostbusters’ technobabble, there are roles that fit a common Joe/Jane ICly so that you can take part and contribute and learn as you go OOCly and ICly.

So for those a bit uneasy because they don’t know much about Ghostbusters… NCGB is more about the comedy and suspense of the genre we’re in. Techy-jargon is second and generally is used in the movies in comedic ways.

Current Mission: It's... A Bus Station

NCGB has opened. Hiring signs and adverts have been posted globally via social media and papers. How this new bunch will form and get past the training phase, is anyone’s guess.

Crew Manifest:

Command Staff:
Ash Shultz, Station Chief
Tchaikovsky Ford, Chief Paranormal Combat Specialist
Nicholas Medhurst, Dispatcher/Researcher

Paranormal Combatants:
Chiyo Takei (also a Medium)
Kitt Murrow

Science Staff:
Itishaam “Tim” Mughabghab PsyD, Paranormal Psychologist