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Remnants of the Fallen

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Remnants of the Fallen

Star Wars, Post Order 66

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Operating Year:
13 BBY

Game Manager:
Shana Oban

Assistant GM(s):
Trey (CO-GM), Elusiaa Tamoaa, Jesse Connor, and Akaris Ivan

ROTF is a SW Sim that explores the emotional and political fallout of surviving Order 66. While dealing with that, the Enclave are also rebuilding a Force Sensitive community with the help of their Rebel allies. This means rescue missions, heists, and psychological thrillers will make-up much of the stories we tell.

6 years of respite, and the time to come out of hiding is at hand. In order to survive the Inquisitors and the horror that is Darth Vader, The Enclave must put in question their ideologies and seek higher mysteries of The Force.

Current Mission: Secrets, Survival, and Safety

It’s been 2 months since the rescue of Jedi at Adamar. Healing has started, but also fear has started to set in. Rumors of Darth Vader searching for the Jedi strike team have reached The Enclave, via the Rebel Intelligence network. In order for Haven to remain a safe commune for the Force Sensitive community, a plan is hatched. But to retrieve rare crystals capable of hiding them from view, they also have to contend with a small Imperial fleet over the planet of Maramere. Meanwhile… other elements of The Enclave learn of Haven’s unique, dangerous ecosystem while another team must go to Kashyyyk and retrieve another Jedi from The Shadowlands.

Open Positions:

– Sentinel
– Lore Master
– Sage
– Medic
– Rebel Soldier
– Combat Droid

Character Roster:

Primary Player Character Roster

Enclave Leadership:
Elusiaa Tamoaa, Jedi Knight – High Jedi
Shana Oban, Shadow Knight – Shadow Chief
Velurh, Jedi Knight – Weaponmaster

Jesse Connor, Padawan – Guardian
Ilan Quade, Jedi Knight – Sentinel
Jada Knun Vargalon, Jedi Master – Sentinel

Force Specialists:
Akaris Ivan, Jedi – Healer
Ara Mesa, Jedi Knight – Healer
Jagre Kathorr, Shadow Novice – Force Tech
Dek Triziss, Jedi Knight – Force Tech

Rebel Alliance Cell
Oscett Mandrake, Lieutenant – Pilot
Jarris Morningstar, Lieutenant – Underworld Representative (Smuggler)
Aukil Secra, Lieutenant – Underworld Representative (Smuggler)
Jacen Raun, Lieutenant – Underworld Representative (Smuggler)
Vardis Kree, Soldier – Engineer