Star Trek M.A.S.H.

Star Trek

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Pierce Hunnicutt, MD

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Arkady Sjet, MD

The Long Jump program has sent many ships to a new star cluster near a completely different galaxy. With the discovery of an old civilisation related to several Federation worlds and the colonies that have sprung up around Canopus Station, the Federation has seen a need for a revival of the old hospital ships that came into wide use during the Dominion War. The first of this revival- nicknamed MASH after the 20th century Earth equivalent- is the USS Sherman Potter. With mostly medical missions, the Potter’s support crew will require basic EMT training as they may be called upon to help. These missions will include Carcosian, Federation, and independent settlements as well as some of the local peoples.

Current Mission: Mission 2: No Good Deed

The Sherman Potter detects an unknown ship drifting through space. Scans show reptilian life signs, so they stop to help. However, due perhaps to a general distrust of strangers or actual animosity, the reptiles are hostile when revived and the crew must find a way to communicate our intentions with them and de-escalate the situation, preferably without loss of life.

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