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Captain Kenneth Grant

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Captain Tivan

The Treaty of Bajor ended the Dominion War in 2375, but ten years later the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are still recovering: Cardassia in ruins, thousands of ships and lives lost amongst the allies, and psychological trauma for all. A brief spot of hope emerged in 2378 when the USS Voyager returned to the Federation and seemingly crippled the Borg, though the technology brought with it was quickly buried to prevent a new arms race. The next year, 2379 saw the stunning coup of Shinzon of Remus, further destabilizing the Romulan Star Empire and straining the good will between the powers from the Dominion War. A decade of providing reconstruction assistance to her former enemies drains the public support of Starfleet as well.

Still, in the years since, the Alpha and Beta quadrants have reached a state of seeming peace, with the tripartite alliance managing to hold: a state that is seemingly desired by all powers, which led to the formation of the Peregrine Commission. Conceived as a coalition task force amongst the tripartite alliance, along with the Cardassian Union, the project was ambitious in its scope: prevent future wars before they started by joint diplomacy, intelligence, and strategic intervention. Sadly, the project has failed before it was able to start.

In March of 2385 two unthinkable things occurred at once. First a Ferengi terrorist cell controlled by the enigmatic Black Nagus managed to place a mole in the Commission and made a daring attack, abducting the Commissions chief architect, Fleet Admiral Berman, and leaving others missing, presumed abducted or dead. Almost simultaneously, news of the impending supernova of Eisn, the Romulan Star, and the corresponding destruction of Romulus and Remus became public, rocking the quadrant. Now the much reduced Commission must attempt to fulfil its mandate against while hunting down the Nagus.

Current Mission: Season 1 Missions

S1 “The Invisible Hand”
The clandestine Ferengi organization known as the Black Nagus cheats, steals, and kills with impunity. Can the Peregrine Commission track it down, prevent its next acquisition, and recover what was stolen from it?

S1 “Semper Idem”
After the Reman Coup and Shinzon’s failed genocide of Earth, the Romulans promised warmer relations with the Federation. Their cooperation with the Peregrine Commission was the fruit of that. The Tal Prai’ex, an organization of elite Romulan Imperial officers also known as the Praetorian Guard, resists peace at every turn.

Open Positions:

We are seeking staff in virtually any position. Speak with the GM about your character concept.

However, we are in particular need of:

*Diplomatic Corps
*Strategic Operations
*Klingon and Cardassian Representatives
*Flight control

Character Roster:

Commission Staff

Ieuan Matashi (PNPC)*
Commissioner, Director of Strategic Operations

Acting Commander, USS Pioneer

Kenneth Grant
Acting Station Commander/Commander USS Mixcoatl

Decebal (NPC)*
Romulan Ambassador

Peregrine Station

Matthew Rutherford, M.D.
Director of Medical Services

Yakov Veselovsky D.P.N. (PNPC)*
Director of Nursing Services

Jean-Marie Leclerc
Security Investigations Officer

*Characters marked as NPC may be taken over or replaced by new writers. PNPC characters belong to specific players and may not be replaced.