Star Trek: Peregrine

General Information:

Genre: Star Trek
Operating Year: 2385
Rating: 222
Recruiting? Yes
Gameplay Format NOVA

GM & Player Information

GM's Character: Captain Kenneth Grant
Assistant GM(s): Captain Tivan

Top Open Positions:
Senior Staff for the attached USS Pioner
*Flight Control

Commission and Station Staff
*Diplomatic Corps
*Strategic Operations

Other positions available! Want to play something you don't see? Contact us and it may be doable.
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About The Sim

The Treaty of Bajor ended the Dominion War in 2375, and ten years later the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are still recovering. The Dominion’s supremacy weakened due to its first failed campaign in known history. In 2378, the Federation saw the return of the USS Voyager to Federation space with news of the Borg’s destruction and samples of their technology. Then, in a stunning coup in 2379, the Romulan Star Empire briefly fell to the Remans before striking a new order. As with the post-war Cardassian reconstruction, the Federation provided foreign aid to their Romulan neighbors. In the six years since, the galaxy has struck a peaceful balance in an expanded Treaty of Alliance between the major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, one which the Federation aims to preserve. To that end, Starfleet Intelligence and Diplomatic Corps took a forward role in preventing future wars before they start, forming a coalition task force that partners with former enemies in the name of peace. The cooperative project has come to be known as the Peregrine Commission.

Star Trek: Peregrine is one of the most ambitious sim projects ever conceived. Intended as a true continuation of the DS9/VOY/NEM era in the form of an expansive sandbox setting, we are calling for everybody from veterans to casual players to join the Commission at all levels, whether it’s as a captain or officer of an attached starship, outpost, or specialist team (complete with separate manifest each with separate crew), staff within Peregrine Station (a planetary starbase and Commission HQ named after Casta Peregrina, the headquarters for the frumentarii of the Roman Legions of old), or even a senior ranking flag officer within the Commission itself*. No matter your interest, preference, and desired level of interaction, Star Trek: Peregrine has a place for your play style. Admirals*, commanding officers, specialist teams, foreign representatives, department heads, and junior officers are all welcome.

*All AGM/AC/Admiral roles will require an interview with the GM.

Current Mission: Season 1 Missions

In addition to continuing exploration of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants through re-purposed transwarp technology, there are a number of concurrent story threads that Star Trek: Peregrine will pursue.

S1 “Our Day Will Come”
Posts: 0
The Trill Liberation Army and its charismatic leader have made a series of strikes. It is time to act.

S1 “The Invisible Hand”
Posts: 1
The clandestine Ferengi organization known as the Black Nagus cheats, steals, and kills with impunity. Can the Peregrine Commission predict and prevent its next acquisition?

S1 “Blood in the Water”
Posts: 0
The Order of the Bat’leth has assassinated a General of the High Council and a cleric has been implicated. They’ve requested arbitration by a third party, and the honor went to the Peregrine Commission.

S1 “Mending Wall”
Posts: 0
Bajoran expansion has spiked, creating tensions with their Cardassian neighbors. Rumors flare of a return of Bajoran separatists and ghosts of the past in the disbanded Obsidian Order.

S1 “Semper Idem”
Posts: 2
After the Reman Coup and Shinzon’s failed genocide of Earth, the Romulans promised warmer relations with the Federation. Their cooperation with the Peregrine Commission was the fruit of that. The Tal Prai’ex, an organization of elite Romulan Imperial officers also known as the Praetorian Guard, resists peace at every turn.

S1 “New Frontiers”
Posts: 1
Through use of reversed-engineered transwarp gates, explorers and colonists are delving further than ever before in all four quadrants. It would be a shame if something bad happened to any of them.

The exploration, Romulan, and Ferengi arcs have begun. The Klingon and Trill arcs are forthcoming. The Bajoran-Cardassian arc is awaiting more players.

Crew Manifest: