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Star Wars: Ghosts of the Empire

Star Wars/The Mandalorian

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Admiral Kiandra Lee

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Four years after the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire was in a state of flux. Although Imperial forces secured a strategic victory against the Rebel Alliance one year earlier on the planet Hoth, during which they nearly quelled the entire rebellion, the continued conflict proved to be strenuous on the Empire’s overall resources. During this time, a second Death Star was nearing completion over the Forest Moon of Endor, which, in the eyes of most Imperials, meant the imminent destruction of the Rebel Alliance. Emperor Palpatine ordered a large fragment of the Imperial fleet to Endor to guard the construction project. Before the battle station neared completion, a rebel fleet led by Admiral Ackbar and General Calrissian attacked and successfully managed to destroy the Death Star, killing both the Emperor and his enforcer Darth Vader in the process. Beyond the battlestation, a large percentage of the Imperial leadership was lost on many of the Star Destroyers that had been recalled to the planet and had been destroyed in the battle. This victory proved to be a turning point in the Galactic Civil War, and within weeks of the battle, factionalism began to take shape within various elements of the Empire due to the massive power vacuum left behind. As a result, various warlords began to either increase their power bases or take their holdings and leave the Empire entirely, resulting in its overall splintering. Although Grand Vizier Mas Amedda did what he could to try and hold the Empire together, the real power of what remained of the Imperial establishment was in the hands of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, who declared himself “Counselor to the Empire” and set up a governing body called the Shadow Council. While the Empire remained fragmented, Rax managed to unite several warlords and establish a garrison of staunch Imperials on the desert world of Jakku. Rax then lured the fleets of the recently established New Republic to the world, where both navies would do battle. Little to the knowledge of forces on either side, the battle itself was orchestrated by Rax for the sole purpose of carrying out Emperor Palpatine’s contingency plan, which would see the Empire torn down and rebuilt from the ashes of the true and loyal. This would be done by destroying the entire planet via the use of ancient Sith artifacts that were stored in the Observatory, an ancient facility on Jakku’s surface. Rax was ultimately killed by Admiral Rae Sloane and although the Empire lost the Battle of Jakku, Sloane managed to escape with some forces to the Unknown Regions, where her remnant would seek to colonize and consolidate Imperial supremacy over planets in deep space. The Battle of Jakku proved to be the last devastating defeat of the Galactic Empire. Although the fighting continued, the Empire scored no major victories in the days following. With Rax’s control over the Empire relinquished, Amedda successfully managed to negotiate an official surrender with Chancellor Mon Mothma of the New Republic. The two met on Chandrila soon after and signed what became known as the Galactic Concordance. The terms of the treaty stated that all Imperial fleets were to be relocated to the Core Worlds and Inner Rim. Additionally, all Imperial Academies were to be closed, which would halt the continued training of stormtroopers. Finally, heavy war reparations were to be paid to the New Republic. Those Imperial remnants who agreed to the terms of the treaty ordered all remaining Imperial vessels into its new predetermined borders in the Core territories where they could be monitored successfully. Still, many more remnants of the Old Empire refused to obey the Republic’s terms as the Core Worlds did, opting to remain heavily militarized. These hardliners saw themselves as true Imperials, having inherited the struggle against the Rebel Alliance. This led to thick tensions between the hardliners and the New Republic, despite the fact that both factions were technically at peace. Still, they proved viable threats to one-another after the conflict came to an end, both controlling militaries of their own, resulting in a cold war between those unified Imperial factions that refused surrender and the New Republic. Even as other factions of the Old Empire remained at peace with or even opted to join the New Republic, the hardliners refused to let what they believed to be the last true vestiges of the Empire die. Those hard-liner forces would begin to relocate from Imperial space to the Unknown Regions, where they would have free rein to expand and escape the notice of the Senate, with an aim to rapidly rebuild the Imperial Navy away from the New Republic’s prying eyes. Now, almost five years since the death of the Emperor, and with the Imperial Remnant fleet not fully regaining the strength that the Empire once had as of yet, the Remnant leaders have began to lay the groundwork for a rebirth of the once mighty galactic power, a rebirth that would one day give birth to the First Order. In the year 9ABY, the crew of the Imperial Star Destroyer Retribution operate freely and without fear. Under the command of Rear Admiral Kiandra Lee, a confidant and trusted advisor of Moff Lobax Resuun, the Retribution crew continues to wage war against those who reject the old ways of the Empire. Based out of the Qeimet system of the Juris sector, near the Hook Nebula where the Alliance to Restore the Republic has a strong presence, the fleet’s primary objective was to quell the rebellious worlds found near the nebula and bring them under Imperial control. At the Admiral’s disposal, Retribution often unleashes the infamous Scimitar Assault Wing against her enemies, an elite and distinctive TIE Assault squadron. But perhaps the most deadly weapon at the Admiral’s disposal is one that is rarely seen but always makes their presence felt – an Imperial Special Forces unit comprised of highly trained Stormtroopers. Together, the combined forces of the Retribution enforce the will of Moff Resuun and Admiral Lee as they seek to undermine, and ultimately destroy, the New Republic. First, they must investigate rumours of the presence of a certain Jedi Knight deep in the Unknown Region, looking for more secrets of the Jedi…

Current Mission: Before the Awakening

Deep in the Unknown Regions, the Star Destroyer Retribution continues to patrol the Juris sector after fleeing the prying eyes of the New Republic in the sanctioned Imperial area of the Core worlds. Joining Moff Lobax Resuun’s Qeimet Sector fleet, the Retribution is an integral part of the Imperial Remnants and their mission to strike back at the New Republic systems near to the Hook nebula. Ghost Battalion, a Special Forces Stormtrooper unit, have been enjoying some rest after several weeks of long term assignments with the more experienced members of the team putting newer members through their paces in a series of drills. Training stops, however, when Admiral Lee and the Imperial Security Bureau present the Retribution crew with their biggest challenge to date; they must evaluate the veracity of intelligence that claims Luke Skywalker is on a planet near the nebula, looking for more secrets of the Jedi…

Open Positions:

Assistant Game Managers (OOC – Can hold any In Character Role)
ISD Retribution Executive Officer (In Character)
Stormtrooper Legion Commander (Approx. rank of General)
AT-AT/AT-ST Battalion Commander (Approx. rank of Captain)
Scimitar Squadron TIE Assault Wing Commander (Approx. rank of Captain)
Landing Signal Officer
Tactical Officer
Communications Officer
Flight Operations Officer

TIE Pilots
AT-AT/AT-ST Pilots/Gunners

Character Roster:

Player Characters:
Rear Admiral Kiandra Lee (Noobian Female), Qeimet Fleet Commander, ISD Retribution
Major Saeru Gar (Corellian Male), Ghost Battalion Commander/Alpha Squad Leader
Commander Kyuni Miu’Gin (Human Female), Ghost Battalion Executive Officer/Bravo Squad Leader
Captain Laryn of Clan Cetus MD, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Crix Ardan (Human Male), Ghost Battalion Field Medic
RT-3475 Damon Wood (Human Male), Stormtrooper

Non-Player Characters:
Moff Lobax Resuun (Kuati Male), Juris Sector Commander
Commander Arkas Finke, Executive Officer, ISD Retribution
Commander Holliz Yarthang (Alderaan Female), ISB Intelligence Officer